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South Korea Dispatch: Migrants Expected Warm Welcome on Korean Resort Island. They Were Wrong.

Why Jeju? Jeju’s popularity as a domestic vacation spot has been waning, as South Koreans with rising incomes have begun flying to more far-flung destinations abroad. So to revitalize the tourist industry, the island was granted permission [...]
Kim Jong-un of North Korea Fetes Chinese Envoy as Ties Warm
Mr. Kim’s friendly welcome also contrasted with the reception that Mr. Song received the last time he visited North Korea, as a special envoy of Mr. Xi in November. At that time, Mr. Kim refused to meet him and launched an intercontinental [...]
News Analysis: Netanyahu, Under Fire at Home, Seeks a Warm Embrace in U.S.
Doing so, after all, will remind anyone listening that it was Mr. Netanyahu, out of all the prime ministers in Israel’s seven-decade history, whose stewardship of the Israeli-American alliance reaped such a long-awaited diplomatic reward. “He [...]
Doctors warm to single-payer health care
This article originally appeared on Kaiser Health News. Single-payer health care is still a controversial idea in the U.S., but a majority of physicians are moving to support it, a new survey finds. Fifty-six percent of doctors registered [...]
Trump’s warm words for strongmen set off alarms
He has extended a White House invitation to Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, a leader who has defended the assassination of journalists and condoned extrajudicial killings in the name of his war on drugs. In multiple interviews, President [...]

Badly Misinformed Lawmaker Thinks Our ‘Warm Bodies’ May Be Causing Climate Change

A Republican state senator running for governor of Pennsylvania shared some unusual views this week about what’s causing climate change. Scott Wagner told a Harrisburg audience on Tuesday that the body heat from the planet’s growing population [...]

Want a stronger economy? Give immigrants a warm welcome

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Immigrants have long been a scapegoat when economies are sputtering, jobs are being lost or security is a concern. President Donald Trump’s planned wall along the Mexican [...]