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Migrants in Tijuana Know Trump Doesn’t Want Them. They Aren’t Giving Up.

TIJUANA — Life in Tijuana’s largest migrant shelter has begun to take on the familiar rhythms and sounds of a Central American neighborhood: Early in the morning, adults rise and get ready to go to work. Children dress for school. [...]

O’Rourke, other Dems don’t want tent city’s contract renewed

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Rep. Beto O’Rourke and four other Democratic members of Congress toured a remote tent city in West Texas on Saturday where they said that 2,700 immigrant teens are being held at a cost of roughly $ 1 million per [...]

Congress passes sexual harassment legislation, House members want to do more

Congress unanimously approved new rules Thursday to tamp down on sexual harassment on Capitol Hill — but even as lawmakers took a victory lap, some said they didn’t go far enough. Under the changes, investigations will be sped up and lawmakers [...]

Democrats want state, local tax break for rich

They criticized President Trump’s tax cut bill as a giveaway to the rich, but now congressional Democrats are eyeing their own $ 620 billion tax break that would go heavily to wealthier Americans. As they prepare to take control of the House, [...]

‘The perfect witness’: Dems want Cohen to testify on the Hill

Michael Cohen’s legal team declined to say whether he’d commit to additional congressional testimony on the day he reached a plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team. | Julie Jacobson/AP Photo Share on Facebook [...]

Sarajevo Dispatch: A War Hostel? ‘It Is Insane to Want to Sleep There’

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — Arijan Kurbasic, the manager of the War Hostel Sarajevo in the Bosnian capital, knows that his idea of hospitality is not to everyone’s taste and is ready to relax the house rules a bit. He will, [...]

‘We don’t want an Alabama’: Hyde-Smith has Republicans holding their breath

Democrats acknowledge GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is likely to win, but argue her flubs have given Mike Espy a narrow opening if everything breaks his way. | Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo Elections Democrat Mike Espy claims momentum in the [...]

Saudis Want a U.S. Nuclear Deal. Can They Be Trusted Not to Build a Bomb?

That insistence is what set off the Iranian nuclear crisis. Over the years, several nations have demonstrated that it is possible to turn ostensibly civilian programs into sources of bomb fuel, and thus atomic warheads and military power. [...]

Ohio Republicans declare motherhood “necessary,” want to make it mandatory

Ohio Republicans, empowered by the Kavanaugh Supreme Court, move aggressively toward forcing childbirth on women While the name of Brett Kavanaugh has fallen out of the headline news cycle, the religious right has not forgotten that his recent [...]

Lawmakers want to update Authorization for Use of Military Force law

Lawmakers in both parties are agitating to update a 16-year-old law authorizing U.S. military force, a move considered a long-shot that could nevertheless tie President Trump’s hands as Democrats take over the House next year. A measure to [...]