02222019What's Hot:
At Least Cops Didn’t Shoot Sen. Jeff Merkley For Demanding To See Immigrant Kids Stored In Walmart
Everybody here is just doing their job. One of them can be proud of the job he’s doing. In Brownsville, Texas, yesterday, US Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon took some aides and a camera crew with him on a fact-finding mission at a closed Walmart [...]
Sherrod Brown Gonna Get Walmart Off The Corporate Welfare Tit. Thanks, Sherrod Brown!
Sherrod Brown does ‘rumpled serious guy’ really damn well. Yesterday was the Center For American Progress’s annual “CAPIdeas” conference, featuring talks and panels by all sorts of cool progressive folks like Elizabeth Warren, Amy [...]
Are Those Tax-Cut Bonuses A Publicity Stunt Scam? Hey, Let’s Ask Walmart!
Base photo from Walmart’s corporate site. Because we care. Walmart proudly announced yesterday that it was incredibly stimulated in its job-growth area by the passage of Republicans’ Great Big Tax Cut for Rich Fuckwads, so it would be raising [...]
Uh Oh, Trump’s Gone And Pissed Off The Walmart Now!
When EVEN WALMART says you’re being li’l bit too racist …; CEOs can’t seem to run away from Donald Trump fast enough after his shitty response to the Charlottesville Nazi Attacks. You’d think they would have been running away anyway, [...]

Cops: NC Walmart greeter seeks receipt, gets stunned instead

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. (AP) – Authorities in North Carolina have arrested a man they say used a stun gun on a Walmart greeter who asked to see his receipt. Local media outlets report 42-year-old John Davis Jr. was arrested Tuesday on charges [...]