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Republicans working to appeal more to Asian voters

The GOP nightmare in Southern California closed out last week with Young Kim falling just shy of becoming the first Korean-American elected to Congress. After a protracted counting, Ms. Kim was about 6,000 votes short of Democratic candidate [...]

Mississippi voters wait in line to vote absentee for Senate

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Several dozen voters in Mississippi’s largest county have been waiting in a line stretching outside the courthouse to cast absentee ballots in a U.S. Senate runoff. The contest is between white Republican Sen. [...]

In Georgia, black voters see echoes of voter suppression

ATLANTA (AP) – When Barbara Williams arrived at the Pittman Park Recreation Center just before noon on Election Day to cast her vote, she saw a line so long that the end wasn’t in sight. “There were so many people, you couldn’t [...]

Idea of pro-Trump black voters terrifies the media

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Because President Trump is an Alt-Right, White-Supremacist, Nationalist Racist who wants to bring black slavery back in America, he dispatched a tweet proudly declaring record support among black voters. “New Fox Poll shows [...]

New Mexico voters to decide on need for ethics commission

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – It will be up to New Mexico voters to approve a constitutional amendment that would allow for the creation of an independent ethics commission. The proposal is on the ballot this year, after many years of debate [...]

Ted Cruz-Beto O’Rourke Texas Senate debate underscores stark choice for voters

In their second debate of a surprisingly close race, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and challenger Beto O’Rourke showed flashes of rancor but largely stressed a message tailored to their bases. The debate offered a contrast to complaints that American [...]

Inside the Beltway: Voters know when Trump is just ‘venting’

One of the most poplar and persistent practices in the press is to parse President Trump’s language with a critical eye, seeking any and all opportunities to portray him in a negative light. They have their ways. Sometimes news organizations [...]

Missouri’s Josh Hawley says anti-Kavanaugh uproar ‘hugely motivating’ for voters

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley said Sunday that Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation has been “hugely motivating” to voters upset by the “smear campaign” and “mob behavior.” “I do think the [...]

Trump makes post-Kanye West appeal to black voters, asked them to ‘honor’ GOP with support

President Trump on Friday asked for black voters to come over and support Republicans, making the appeal a day after rapper Kanye West broke with Democrats to laud the president for rekindling the American spirit. Mr. Trump said he was asking [...]

Brazil Voters Edge Toward a ‘Last Resort’ Leader

Polls had suggested that the candidate, Wilson Witzel, a retired federal judge and military veteran running for governor of Rio de Janeiro, had no shot at victory over his better-known opponent. But with Mr. Bolsonaro’s backing, Mr. [...]