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One Month, 500,000 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority

In the United States and Europe, the debate in the artificial intelligence community has focused on the unconscious biases of those designing the technology. Recent tests showed facial recognition systems made by companies like I.B.M. [...]

Man wanted in Vermont is shot after using stun gun on police

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) – Police say a man wanted for assault in Vermont was shot during a scuffle in which he used a stun gun on police officers in Florida. WCAX-TV reports that police in Inverness, Florida, say 41-year-old Jeremy Jennings [...]

‘How to Survive a Stock Market Crash Using Dividends’

By Brian Perry I thought it would be a good time to take a precautionary view of portfolio management while the market is roaring higher off of the late December lows. The S&P 500 shed 20% from Oct. 4 through Dec. 24 last year, covering [...]

San Diego chief patrol agent stands by using tear gas on migrants

Homeland Security officials said Tuesday that Border Patrol agents were right to use tear gas in repelling the “violent mob” that tried to burst through the border over the weekend, and said gas will be used again if another situation arises. Rodney [...]

Vietnam jails activist for using Facebook to abuse freedoms

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) – A court in northern Vietnam has sentenced an activist to five years in prison after finding him guilty of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on the interests of the government, organizations and individuals. Lawyer [...]

DOJ investigating after staffer brags about using job for resistance in Project Veritas sting

The Department of Justice said Wednesday it would investigate an employee was caught in a Project Veritas sting bragging about using her job to help advance the political agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America. Allison Hrabar, a Justice [...]

Father of slain Iowa student decries using her as ‘pawn’

BROOKLYN, Iowa (AP) – The father of slain Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts in a Saturday opinion piece spoke out against using his daughter’s death in support of “views she believed were profoundly racist,” a call that comes [...]

The list won Trump the White House. Now Democrats are using it against him.

It’s the list that won him the presidency. President Donald Trump’s widely publicized list of potential Supreme Court nominees brought conservative doubters — including evangelicals — to the highly unconventional Republican nominee’s [...]

Benetton ‘Migrants’ Ads Draw Outrage for Using Photos of Real Migrants

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The Italian fashion retailer known for its provocative campaigns repurposed two photos from a charity’s rescue operation, and even an anti-immigrant Italian minister weighed in. Source: NYT [...]
Using Digital Firm, Brexit Campaigners Skirted Spending Laws, Ex-Employee Says
In response, one of the two Downing Street advisers, Stephen Parkinson, said that Vote Leave had adhered to all relevant laws. Mr. Parkinson also suggested that Mr. Sanni was lashing out because the two had “dated for 18 months, before [...]