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European Union Extends Brexit Deadline to Oct. 31

BRUSSELS — With less than 48 hours before Britain’s scheduled departure, the European Union extended the exit deadline early Thursday until the end of October, avoiding a devastating cliff-edge divorce but settling none of the issues [...]

Mike Pompeo’s European Union troublemaker tour

Mike Pompeo is heading for the EU’s eastern fringe — on a mission to make sure it’s looking west. That’s how senior administration officials present the secretary of state’s upcoming visits to Hungary, Slovakia and [...]

Stacey Abrams’ State of the Union response: Fact-check and transcript

MS. ABRAMS Good evening my fellow Americans and happy lunar new year. I’m Stacey Abrams and I’m honored to join the conversation about the state of our union. Growing up, my family went back and forth between lower middle class [...]

Highlights from President Trump’s State of the Union

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President Trump’s State of the Union address: Fact-check and transcript

PRES. TRUMP Thank you very much, madam speaker, vice president, members of Congress, the first lady of the United States. And my fellow Americans. We meet tonight at a moment of unlimited potential, as we begin a new Congress, I stand here [...]

Trump’s State of the Union pledge: Ending HIV transmissions by 2030

President Donald Trump’s administration has had an at times fraught relationship with the HIV/AIDS community. | AP Photo State of the Union 2019 Under the president’s 10-year strategy, health officials would target the U.S. [...]

Trump’s State of the Union aims for a unifying tone

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump heads into his State of the Union address dogged by bruising midterm losses and sinking poll numbers, wounded by a blistering standoff with Democrats. But for the stately speech, he plans to embrace [...]

Trump is latest to give State of Union at time of turmoil

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump is the latest chief executive to deliver a State of the Union address at a time of turmoil. But others may have had it even worse. Abraham Lincoln delivered a written report during the Civil War, [...]

Trump to address abortion controversies in State of the Union speech

President Donald Trump, who has publicly supported abortion rights in the past, has maintained strong support from religious conservatives who might otherwise be turned off by his persona thanks to his administration’s attentiveness [...]

Trump says Pelosi was ‘reasonable’ in State of the Union decision

President Trump said it would be “very disrespectful” not to make the speech on Capitol Hill, an option the White House had reportedly considered. | Win McNamee/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> President [...]