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Where ISIS Ruled in Syria, Fear and Uncertainty Reign

MANBIJ, Syria — Cities and towns across eastern Syria are overwhelmed by rubble. The militias that fought the Islamic State are digging tunnels to prepare for a possible battle against Turkey. A recent explosion in the city of Raqqa [...]

U.S. Begins Syria Withdrawal, Amid Uncertainty Over Strategy

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The United States has started withdrawing its troops from Syria, an American military spokesman said on Friday, further muddling the Trump administration’s plans for disengagement from one of the Middle East’s [...]

The Latest: Sweden faces uncertainty after close election

STOCKHOLM (AP) – The Latest on Sweden’s general election to renew the 349-seat Riksdag, the country’s Parliament (all times local): 1:00 p.m. A senior German official is describing the Sweden’s election, in which the governing party [...]

Sweden faces weeks of uncertainty after close election

STOCKHOLM (AP) – Sweden is facing weeks of political uncertainty after the country’s two rival blocs failed to secure a governing majority in elections that saw a boost for a far-right party amid growing discontent with large-scale [...]
Avoiding Sector Uncertainty with Factor-based Investing
Technology stocks were the clear market leaders in 2017, but the turbulence so far this year has made it difficult to find a truly strong sector in the stock market. Investors who are tired of trying to pick the next sector champion may want [...]
Missiles ‘Will Be Coming’ at Syria, Trump Says. Beyond That Lies Uncertainty.
Two Defense Department officials said the Syrian military had moved some of its key aircraft to a Russian base, assuming the Americans would be reluctant to strike there. Russian commanders have also moved some of their military forces [...]
Obamacare repeal bill plunges into new uncertainty
Republicans’ long-held plans to repeal Obamacare are again in serious doubt, with no clear timetable for a Senate vote following the surprise news that John McCain will be out as he recovers from surgery. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell [...]
Russia scandal casts uncertainty over Kushner’s future role
Once the untouchable son-in-law in a White House where top aides jockey for the president’s ear, Jared Kushner has now been cast in a new role: reassuring people that he’s not going to resign, while colleagues question whether he can survive [...]

As the French Go to the Polls, Uncertainty Is the Only Sure Bet

Even at this late stage, a remarkable 28 percent or so of voters remained undecided. The four leading candidates span the extremes of the political spectrum and are locked in a virtual dead heat. The potential outcomes are just [...]

As Trump Era Arrives, a Sense of Uncertainty Grips the World

Mr. Trump also said Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, had made a “catastrophic mistake” in allowing refugees to pour into Europe. The barrage of inflammatory comments in joint interviews published Sunday and Monday in [...]