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Fighting False News in Ukraine, Facebook Fact Checkers Tread a Blurry Line

MOSCOW — To understand the complexity of policing online disinformation, consider the small Ukrainian fact-checking group StopFake. Earlier this year, Facebook hired StopFake to help curb the flow of Russian propaganda and other false [...]

100 Babies Stranded in Ukraine After Surrogate Births

MOSCOW — The babies lie in cribs, sleeping, crying or smiling at nurses, swaddled in clean linens and apparently well cared for, but separated from their parents as an unintended consequence of coronavirus travel bans. Dozens [...]

Georgia recalls its ambassador in Ukraine over ex-president

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) – Georgia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday recalled its ambassador in Kyiv after the former Georgian president was appointed to lead an advisory body in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Thursday [...]

Amid Trump’s Trial, Pompeo Visited Ukraine. Here’s How It Went.

Mr. Pompeo has been dogged by sharp questions over his role in the Ukraine affair and, more recently, an acid comment he made about Ukraine in a Jan. 24 conversation with a National Public Radio reporter. The reporter, Mary Louise Kelly, [...]

Ukraine, Parnas, Yovanovitch and the Democratic presidential Debate

Home News Ukraine, Parnas, Yovanovitch and the Democratic presidential Debate In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we discuss the latest revelations about Ukraine and Lev Parnas, and in particular the possible threats against Ambassador Yovanovitch; [...]

Forget impeachment. Republicans fear Ukraine revelations could spill into election.

President Donald Trump and his allies are relieved that the impeachment trial hasn’t resulted in any surprises, according to interviews with half a dozen Republicans. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images */ ]]> Republicans are already looking [...]

Alyssa Milano, new Ukraine emails and other news from today’s trial

*/ ]]> Democratic House managers are making their opening arguments for President Donald Trump’s removal in the historic trial. This story will continue to be updated. Keep scrolling for other recent highlights. ]]> 3:01 P.M. Alyssa [...]

Schiff says NSA, CIA withholding Ukraine info due to White House pressure

*/ ]]> House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff alleged that the NSA and CIA may be withholding documents on Ukraine from Congress due to pressure from the White House, even as the Senate prepares to move forward on the impeachment [...]

Downed Plane’s Black Boxes Will Go to Ukraine, Iranian Media Says

Iran will send to Ukraine the black boxes from the Boeing 737-800 that its military mistakenly shot down shortly after takeoff from an airport in Tehran this month, the official Tasnim News Agency reported on Saturday. A director in [...]