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Mohammad Javad Zarif rips Mike Pence, U.S. over ‘unhealthy fixation’ with Iran

MUNICH — Iran’s foreign minister is blasting the United States’ “unhealthy fixation” with his country and condemning the Trump administration’s efforts to press European countries to pull out of the nuclear agreement with Tehran. Mohammad [...]

U.S. Military Starts Flying Aid for Venezuela to Colombia

The United States military began flying humanitarian aid to a Colombian city close to the Venezuelan border on Saturday in an effort to turbocharge a relief plan that has become a cornerstone of the quest to oust President Nicolás [...]

Merkel Rejects U.S. Demands That Europe Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal

MUNICH — Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany delivered a strong rejoinder on Saturday to American demands that European allies pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and gave a spirited defense of multilateral institutions in a world increasingly [...]

U.S. and Canada Warn Against Travel to Haiti as Violent Protests Continue

The governments of the United States and Canada have warned people not to travel to Haiti as violent protests against President Jovenel Moïse continued on Friday in the capital and other cities in the Caribbean nation for the ninth straight [...]

For Iran, a Grand Occasion to Bash the U.S.

Along the route there is entertainment, provided by state organizations. Because the entertainment needs to be Islamic, there were male clowns praising the Iranian flag (“the most beautiful flag in the world”), silver-painted men [...]

U.S. and South Korea Sign Deal on Shared Defense Costs

SEOUL, South Korea — Washington and Seoul on Sunday signed an agreement on how to share the cost of the American military presence in South Korea, resolving a dispute between the allies before President Trump’s meeting this month [...]

U.S. Sanctions Are Aimed at Venezuela’s Oil. Its Citizens May Suffer First.

CARACAS, Venezuela — When President Trump slapped surprise oil sanctions on Venezuela aimed at toppling President Nicolás Maduro, exports plunged and banking froze as the effects hit harder and faster than expected. How ordinary [...]

U.S. Envoy Arrives in North Korea to Prepare for 2nd Trump-Kim Summit

Analysts have long warned that Mr. Kim could try to give up just enough of his nuclear weapons program to create the illusion of progress, allowing Mr. Trump to claim victory while leaving unchanged the North’s long-term goal of being [...]

U.S. Military Commander Warns That Islamic State May Quickly Regroup

WASHINGTON — The Islamic State could stage a resurgence in Syria once the Pentagon withdraws its troops, the head of the United States Central Command told a Senate panel on Tuesday in a bleak warning that President Trump’s assertions [...]

Myanmar’s Hero Was Killed Here. Now U.S. Brands are Setting up Stalls.

The Secretariat “is regarded as being associated with nationwide mourning, commemorating independence struggles and remembering selfless efforts of our national leaders,” Ms. Moe Moe Lwin said in an email on Tuesday. “For the general [...]