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Supreme Court to hear three cases seeking access to Trump’s financial and tax records

President Donald Trump. | Zach Gibson/Getty Images By JOSH GERSTEIN 12/13/2019 04:44 PM EST Updated: 12/13/2019 05:11 PM EST */ ]]> The Supreme Court has agreed to hear three separate court cases involving demands for access to President [...]

Trump’s impeachment mood morphs from anger to mockery

*/ ]]> He’s started calling the case against him “impeachment lite.” He’s increasingly coming around to arguments that he could swing the impeachment battle to help his party in 2020. Story Continued Below And he’s become so outwardly [...]

Azar, Verma battle for Trump’s favor amid White House showdown

*/ ]]> Even after Donald Trump had urged them to end their feud, the president’s top two health deputies couldn’t resist competing for his attention — and undermining each other on Twitter and cable TV. Seema Verma, who runs Medicare, [...]

‘We ate their lunch’: How Pelosi got to ‘yes’ on Trump’s trade deal

*/ ]]> Nancy Pelosi sat Mexico’s top trade negotiator and foreign minister down in her office and gave the two men an ultimatum. It was late September, and Democrats feared Mexico was not going to implement labor protections mandated [...]

Dems present evidence as Trump’s impeachment fast approaches

*/ ]]> The impeachment of President Donald Trump is almost at hand. House Democrats are just days away from unveiling formal charges that Trump abused his power, and on Monday they presented their case to Americans that he deserves to be [...]

‘Go after your enemies’: Trump’s 21-year-old impeachment playbook

*/ ]]> Ever since a whistleblower alleged that President Donald Trump withheld aid from Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political opponent, Trump’s defense has been to call the entire episode “absolutely, totally appropriate” [...]

Mike Bloomberg is using Trump’s playbook, but strategy faces big hurdles

Michael Bloomberg’s promise not to take money from big donors is right out of Donald Trump’s 2016 playbook, a move that propelled the future president to favorable reviews from Republican primary voters who gravitated to a billionaire self-funding [...]

Who supports Trump’s conviction?

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Trumps light National Christmas Tree in 97th annual ceremony

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump lit the National Christmas Tree near the White House Thursday night, marking a tradition dating back to 1923. “At Christmas, we remember this eternal truth: Every person is a beloved child of God,” [...]

From Friends to Frenemies? Trump’s Relationships With World Leaders

LONDON — Their bromance once made headlines. But on Tuesday, it was clear that the days of President Trump and President Emmanuel Macron of France trading cheek kisses and clasping hands were gone. On the sidelines of a gathering [...]