03202019What's Hot:
Iowa Voters Doing The Polka On Joni Ernst And Chuck Grassley’s Stupid Trump-Loving Faces
Don’t think about Norway! The corn is popping in Iowa! Seems the good people in the Hawkeye State are a mite concerned with President Blowhard and his caca-hole caca-house potty mouth. So Senator Joni Ernst tied on her fanciest Bread Bag [...]
Inside the Beltway: ‘MAGA Meetups’ for Donald Trump-loving conservatives
MAGA: The familiar acronym stands for “Make America Great Again,” the signature phrase of President Trump and millions of his followers that has gained momentum since the 2016 campaign. It is an instant and powerful identifier for those [...]

Trump-Loving White Dude Calls Black Guy ‘N*gger’ For Four Solid Minutes. Time To Vote!

He seems nice. So here is a thing that happened in yr Wonkette’s fine city of Memphis on Sunday! A guy named Brandon, who is black, decided to go get something to eat near the Wolfchase Galleria mall, and as so often happens in cities with [...]