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Syrian Kurdish-led fighters take Hajin, last town held by IS

BEIRUT (AP) – U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led fighters captured the last town held by the Islamic State group on Friday, after days of intense battles in the militants’ single remaining enclave in eastern Syria, activists said. The fall of [...]

‘There’s no plan’: Congress skips town as shutdown nears

Frustrated lawmakers in both parties are complaining that congressional leaders have made zero progress since Tuesday. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Without President Donald Trump to worry [...]

In a Seething Pro-Brexit Town, Doubts Creep in About Leaving the E.U.

Thiemo Fetzer, an economics professor at the University of Warwick, has found that a significant number of people voted for Brexit not because they were ideologically opposed to the European Union, but rather because they wanted a way [...]

Pennsylvania town bids goodbye to 107-year-old congregation

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) – George Hudak, a Slovakian ironworker, came to Bethlehem a century ago to make steel but ended up helping to shape a community that would last long after the smokestacks went cold. He was one of the founders of what [...]

In a Transylvania Town, Bears and Humans Collide at the Dumpster

BAILE TUSNAD, Romania — One night after work in Baile Tusnad, a run-down spa town in eastern Transylvania, a young couple sat in a dark-blue sedan, headlights on, gazes fixed on dumpsters on a cobblestone back street. They were waiting [...]

Can Marijuana Save This New Zealand Town?

RUATORIA, New Zealand — As New Zealand prepares to legalize the production of medicinal cannabis, companies are racing to secure the first and biggest slices of a market that has proved lucrative in the United States and Canada. One [...]

Portugal Dispatch: This Town Once Feared the 10-Story Waves. Then the Extreme Surfers Showed Up.

NAZARÉ, Portugal — At the market in the ancient fishing village of Nazaré, Portuguese pensioners shopped for their fruit and vegetables. Retired fishermen chatted over coffee. And a record-breaking American surfer sipped on a cucumber [...]

Militia members arrive at New Mexico border town

COLUMBUS, N.M. (AP) – When the two men with a self-described militia showed up offering Columbus Mayor Esequiel Salas help protecting the border, the conversation was brief and polite. “I told them, ‘We have a good relationship with [...]

O’Rourke gets 2nd national TV town hall in Senate race

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Texas Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke is appearing on an MSNBC town hall, the second time in less than two weeks that a candidate seen as a rising Democratic star gets to make a nationally televised case for ousting [...]

A Pastor Pushes Forward as a Drought Threatens His Town and His Church

WEE WAA, Australia — The Rev. Bernard Gabbott bumped along on a road so remote the asphalt had given way to gravel, heading out to see a farmer who had been working seven days a week, straining to keep his cattle and sheep fed. He [...]