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Mike Pompeo’s European Union troublemaker tour

Mike Pompeo is heading for the EU’s eastern fringe — on a mission to make sure it’s looking west. That’s how senior administration officials present the secretary of state’s upcoming visits to Hungary, Slovakia and [...]

Dumplings, Figure Skating and Riot Gear: Xi Jinping’s New Year Tour

BEIJING — He cooked dumplings with families, made small talk with delivery workers and tried out riot gear with the police. President Xi Jinping of China sought to project an image as a strong and folksy leader during a two-day tour [...]

Pope Francis Makes ‘Historic’ Gulf Tour Amid Yemen Crisis and Christian Repression

Bishop Hinder said he had been unable to reach Yemen because of the war, but that working on specific cases “behind the curtain” sometimes yielded positive results. He added that a public statement by Francis on Yemen was possible, [...]

Warren flexes muscles with campaign kickoff tour

Since her New Year’s Eve exploratory launch, Sen. Elizabeth Warren held 15 campaign events organized by her campaign team, which itself was built out over a period of two years leading up to her announcement. | Scott Eisen/Getty Images 2020 [...]

Pompeo’s Anti-Iran Tour Faces Obstacles of a Fractious Middle East

He cited a number of factors: disputes between states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the inability to integrate Arab armies, the lack of any kind of united command structure and the fact that not all of the United States’ Arab allies [...]

‘They don’t belong’: police called on Native American teens on college tour

'They don't belong': police called on Native American teens on college tour A mother on the tour told authorities the young men were ‘creepy’ and ‘really stand out’, causing them to miss the rest of the event Kanewakeron [...]

McCaskill used private plane on campaign RV tour

If Sen. Claire McCaskill’s reelection bid gets grounded by her flights, it won’t be the first time air travel has plagued her. | AP Photo [...]
London Journal: It’s a Royal Wedding! Ride a Tour Bus! Buy Some Cereal and Condoms!
She’s all for Harry and Meghan. “Cinderella has met her prince,” she said. “It could be anybody. That’s what’s so beautiful about it.” At another table, Liz Tunmer and Sue Gale, both from out of town, were on the bus courtesy [...]
Michael Flynn tests ‘comeback tour’
NEW YORK – Michael Flynn may be headed to prison for lying to the FBI, but for now he’s enjoying his freedom. Donald Trump’s former national security adviser appeared onstage to endorse a Republican congressional candidate [...]
Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, Harvard: Saudi Prince’s U.S. Tour
Mr. Aron spoke this week in a reception area of the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, as attendees of a Saudi conference on the entertainment business ate from a spread of Middle Eastern dishes — lamb kebabs, hummus, tabbouleh. They were [...]