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Trump draws Iran red line over nukes, threats

President Trump tried to set guardrails around his approach to Iran late Sunday, saying there are two things he cannot abide. “I just don’t want them to have nuclear weapons, and they can’t be threatening us,” Mr. Trump told Fox News’ [...]

Skeptical U.S. Allies Resist Trump’s New Claims of Threats From Iran

WASHINGTON — As the Trump administration draws up war plans against Iran over what it says are threats to American troops and interests, a senior British military official told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday that he saw no increased [...]

Sri Lanka’s President Blames Security Aides for Not Warning Him of Threats

The president of Sri Lanka blamed security officials for not warning him of terrorist threats and said the country’s prosecution of military intelligence officers after its long civil war left it vulnerable to attack, as he sought [...]

Sri Lanka Is Rattled by New Threats as Officials Argue Over Responsibility

Sri Lankan police officials on Thursday warned of possible new attacks after the deadly Easter Sunday suicide bombings, as Muslim leaders urged the cancellation of Friday Prayer and the cardinal of Colombo, the capital, suspended services [...]

Indiana man accused of posting Trump threats on Facebook

HAMMOND, Ind. (AP) – Federal charges have been filed against an Indiana man who authorities say threatened to shoot President Donald Trump in Facebook posts. The indictment says 20-year-Steffon Gonzalez posted on March 28 that he was [...]

As Ecuador Harbored Assange, It Was Subjected to Threats and Leaks

“I inherited this situation,” Mr. Moreno said in a video address this week. Fernando Cutz, a former senior adviser to H.R. McMaster, the former national security adviser, and a Latin America policy specialist at the White House, acknowledged [...]

Trump’s border threats jam up Pence’s trade tour

President Donald Trump has doubled down on border security as his top priority, possibly getting in the way of his administration’s trade agenda. | Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo White House As the president told reporters that border [...]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets death threats ‘every day,’ blames ‘right-wing media’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Thursday that she receives death threats “every day,” and blamed the “right-wing media” for it. The New York Democrat and socialist star made the comments in an interview with the New York Daily News, [...]

How the Trump-Kim Summit Failed: Big Threats, Big Egos, Bad Bets

HANOI, Vietnam — As President Trump settled into the dining room of a French-colonial hotel in Hanoi on Thursday morning, the conversation with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader with whom he had struck up the oddest of friendships, [...]

‘I Have to Stay Alive’: Gay Brazilian Lawmaker Gives Up Seat Amid Threats

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — An openly gay federal lawmaker in Brazil who has frequently clashed with the country’s new far-right president said on Thursday that he was giving up his seat because of death threats. The lawmaker, Jean Wyllys, [...]