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Hackers Leak Details of German Lawmakers, Except Those on Far Right

BERLIN — Twitter shut down an account on Friday that an unidentified hacker had been using for weeks to expose the personal details of several hundred German lawmakers in what appeared to be major privacy breach for the German political [...]

Bolton Warns of ‘Terrible Consequences’ for Those Doing Business with Iran

The Trump administration issued a stark warning to the United States’ closest European allies on Tuesday, promising to sharply penalize European governments or companies that continue to do business with Iran. “We do not intend [...]

Bombings Target Afghan Wrestling Match and Those Who Rushed to the Scene

KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide bomber detonated his explosives during a wrestling match in the Afghan capital on Wednesday, and as emergency medical workers and journalists rushed to the scene, a second, much larger explosion went [...]

Lawmakers ditch town halls: ‘They want to avoid those gotcha moments’

*/ ]]> Wither the town hall. Long gone are the angry mobs of voters pushing and shoving one another, hissing and shouting down lawmakers — in one instance, hanging a lawmaker in effigy at an anti-Obamacare protest — that defined Congress’ [...]

‘I Think All Those People Are Dead’: Laos Dam Survivors Seek Word of Neighbors

[unable to retrieve full-text content] In shelters for victims of the dam failure in the south of the authoritarian country, official news is proving sparse and contradictory. Source: NYT > World
Are You Ready For Some CALIFORNIA PRIMARIES? (Yeah, And Those Other States, Too)
Show everyone you voted It’s another primary election day, and in California, that means it’s time to scramble! In the state’s “Top Two” primary system, like a million candidates run, and then the top two, regardless of party, are [...]
Donald Trump Looooooves The Establishment, Haaaaates Those Felon Loser Tea Party Trump Guys
[embedded content] Kardashian bestie Donald Trump surprised us with his almost reasonable decision to endorse GOP Rep. Dan Donovan for New York’s 11th Congressional District, imperiling the comeback aspirations [...]
Roseanne Might Actually Be One Of Those Deplorable Trump Voters Rather Than Imaginary Just Worried About Jobs Trump Voters
Those were the days. ABC’s strategy of giving primetime TV shows to racist transphobic conspiracy theorists seems to have hit a snag. Late Monday night, Roseanne Barr decided to one-up Trump’s awful self-congratulatory Memorial Day tweet [...]
Where Did Ireland Go? Abortion Vote Stuns Those on Both Sides
“They felt equal to the rest of the world, that they could get a share of the luxuries of life,” he said. Pointing to the church sex abuse scandals, he said, Ireland’s changing fortunes also meant that “instead of people bowing [...]
Portal To Hell Opens In White House Lawn. Obama Never Had One Of Those.
OK, so maybe it wasn’t only where the M happened to be. Donald Trump is apparently doing such a great job of draining the swamp (and piping its denizens straight into his administration) that the lawn of the White House is developing a sinkhole. [...]