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ICE ups ante in standoff with NYC: ‘This is not a request’

NEW YORK (AP) – Federal authorities are turning to a new tactic in the escalating conflict over New York City’s so-called sanctuary policies, issuing four “immigration subpoenas” to the city for information about inmates wanted [...]

‘I sort of can’t believe this is happening’: Young progressives mourn Bernie-Warren feud

*/ ]]> DES MOINES—They chatted and laughed and clanked pint glasses for the first 43 minutes, paying just enough attention to the television monitors to know that nothing of consequence had yet occurred. And then, so suddenly that it [...]

The World Saw This Australian Beach Town Burn. It’s Still Cut Off.

MALLACOOTA, Australia — Flying with gut-churning force over miles of charred bush land, the military plane had a vital load to deliver: 500 gallons of fuel, to help power a town cut off from the world. On the ground below, residents [...]

John Roberts may be leading the Senate impeachment trial, but this woman is shaping it

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough will advise the chief justice should he need to make any snap rulings or decisions during the president’s impeachment trial. | John Shinkle/POLITICO */ ]]> In a small Capitol Hill office [...]

A Growing U.S. Base Made This Afghan Town. Now It’s Dying.

BAGRAM, Afghanistan — Six years ago, Faiqullah Tajik helped sort laundry at Bagram Air Base, the largest American military outpost in Afghanistan. Mr. Tajik made $ 600 a month. He liked his job. Mr. Tajik, 25, was laid off in 2011, [...]

Bush’s Iraq hawks had Trump’s back this week

Paul Wolfowitz, the “architect” of the Iraq War, was one of several former Bush administration officials enthused by President Donald Trump’s military brinkmanship with Iran. */ ]]> Cable news carried a distinct 2003 vibe this [...]

The Springs Ran Dry. Then This Australian Town Burned.

MOGO, Australia — The lawns were always green in Mogo, a former gold-mining town in southeastern Australia where water from natural springs bubbled just beneath the surface. The lush oasis had never burned as far as anyone could remember. But [...]

An Old Menstruation Taboo Killed Her. This Time, a Man Went to Jail.

In Nepali language, chhaupadi means someone who bears an impurity. Menstruating women are considered polluted, even toxic, and from the earliest age, people here are taught that any contact with a menstruating woman will bring bad luck. An [...]

‘We’ve never seen spending like this’: Bloomberg, Steyer saturate airwaves

*/ ]]> They entered the race late, but the two billionaires seeking the Democratic nomination are making up for lost time. Together, Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg have poured nearly $ 200 million into television and digital advertising [...]

Anyone Can Win This Debate. Even Tom Steyer.

*/ ]]> The number of presidential candidates for Thursday’s Democratic debate has been reduced to seven. In theory, that means more room for people to talk. More time to make your case. More opportunities to engage in conflict. More chances [...]