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Theresa May Finds No Joy in Brussels. Now What for Brexit?

BRUSSELS — Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain headed home flustered and empty-handed on Friday after a blunt exchange at a European Union summit meeting, where Mrs. May’s entreaties for help to amend a withdrawal deal that would satisfy [...]

Turning to a New Brexit Battle, Theresa May Faces E.U. Resistance

BRUSSELS — After winning a confidence vote and saving her job for now, Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain on Thursday had less success in extracting concessions from European Union leaders who rebuffed her pleas to help her salvage [...]

Theresa May Survives Leadership Challenge, but Brexit Plan Is Still in Peril

LONDON — Britain’s prime minister, Theresa May, survived the gravest threat yet to her embattled leadership on Wednesday, winning a party confidence vote and averting a leadership battle that threatened to plunge the country into [...]

Theresa May, Facing the End, Makes a Last-Ditch Appeal for Moderation

LONDON — It was almost a relief, on Wednesday, to see Theresa May start yelling. The British prime minister’s voice was hoarse and her face was pale, and who could blame her? That morning, a right-wing faction in her own party had triggered [...]

Britain’s Theresa May Faces Leadership Vote in Her Conservative Party

LONDON — Britain’s beleaguered prime minister, Theresa May, will face a no-confidence vote on Wednesday within her own Conservative Party, as lawmakers upset with her handling of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union seek [...]

With Brexit Deal in Peril, Theresa May Scrambles to Save It

LONDON — After an embarrassing setback in Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May was touring European capitals on Tuesday, meeting with leaders and looking for some way to shore up support back home for her agreement on Britain’s [...]

Theresa May Tried to Lead Britain to a Compromise. Was It Too Late?

LONDON — The full weight of two and a half years of struggle was visible on Prime Minister Theresa May’s face when she appealed to her colleagues to let go of their passionate, polarized beliefs and support her plan to leave the [...]

Facing Brexit Defeat, Theresa May Turns to Damage Control

LONDON — Facing a critical vote by British lawmakers on her plans for leaving the European Union, or Brexit, the question for Prime Minister Theresa May seems to be not whether she will lose but by how much. Britain’s Parliament [...]

U.K. ‘Coup’ Against Theresa May Falters. For Now.

A few feet away Steve Baker, another lawmaker and the group’s unofficial head-counter, sounded a little more chastened, noting that he had received pledges from enough colleagues to trigger the vote, but that not all had followed through [...]

Theresa May: ‘The Next 7 Days Are Critical’ for Brexit Deal

The immediate focus in Westminster, however, is on whether Mrs. May can keep her post. Hard-line Brexit supporters within the Conservative Party believe that they will soon have the 48 letters required to hold a no-confidence motion. As [...]