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Migrants in Tijuana Know Trump Doesn’t Want Them. They Aren’t Giving Up.

TIJUANA — Life in Tijuana’s largest migrant shelter has begun to take on the familiar rhythms and sounds of a Central American neighborhood: Early in the morning, adults rise and get ready to go to work. Children dress for school. [...]

London Police’s Tactic to Stop Thieves on Scooters: Ram Them

LONDON — The London police wanted to send a message to thieves on scooters and motorcycles in London: We will catch you however we can. The Metropolitan Police published a compilation of videos last month showing officers ramming fleeing [...]

As Rich Nations Close the Door on Refugees, Uganda Welcomes Them

ARUA, Uganda — President Trump is vowing to send the military to stop migrants trudging from Central America. Europe’s leaders are paying African nations to block migrants from crossing the Mediterranean — and detaining the ones [...]

GOP alarmed Obamacare attacks could cost them the House

Rep. Glenn Grothman represents what’s been a GOP stronghold in Wisconsin, but health care attacks have contributed to a tightening of the race, Democrats say. | Zach Gibson/Getty Images Elections Republican incumbents are getting [...]

Trump makes post-Kanye West appeal to black voters, asked them to ‘honor’ GOP with support

President Trump on Friday asked for black voters to come over and support Republicans, making the appeal a day after rapper Kanye West broke with Democrats to laud the president for rekindling the American spirit. Mr. Trump said he was asking [...]

News of Laos Dam Failure Didn’t Reach Them, but the Water Did

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The flooding from a failed dam in Laos soon moved into neighboring Cambodia, upending life for impoverished farmers there with little hope of help. Source: NYT > World

Trump promised them better, cheaper health care. It’s not happening.

President Donald Trump handed an influential business advocacy group what should have been a historic lobbying victory when he recently rolled out new rules encouraging small businesses to band together to offer health insurance. Trump, [...]

How a Place That Welcomed Migrants Turned Against Them

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Macerata once had a reputation for tolerance. But the killing of a woman and a revenge shooting made the Italian town a symbol of rising right-wing politics. Source: NYT > World

‘I snookered them’: Illinois Nazi candidate creates GOP dumpster fire

Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier who will appear on the November ballot as the GOP candidate against Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski, has become campaign fodder for Democrats. [...]

‘We Won’t Abandon Them’: Search for Boys in Cave Rivets Thailand

[unable to retrieve full-text content] A dozen boys and their soccer coach, trapped in a flooded cave complex since Saturday, are the focus of a huge rescue operation and the hopes of a watching country. Source: NYT > World