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Saudi Women’s Rights Activists Granted Release, but Their Trial Continues

Rights groups have reported that some of the women were subjected to torture and other physical and psychological abuse in jail. During a court hearing on Wednesday, several of the women told a three-judge panel that they had been tortured [...]

How Strongmen Turned Interpol Into Their Personal Weapon

BRUSSELS — Hakeem al-Araibi thought he had escaped the reach of the Bahraini government when he fled to Australia years ago as a political refugee. But immediately after landing in Thailand for a belated honeymoon last year, Mr. al-Araibi [...]

Biden will be a bust, Trump aides assure their boss

Some of President Donald Trump’s advisers have compared Joe Biden to Jeb Bush, who entered the 2016 as the putative front-runner only to drop out before his home state primary. | Win McNamee/Getty Images 2020 elections Trump has peppered [...]

Will Canadian Women Turn Their Backs on Their Feminist Prime Minister?

TORONTO — Being a feminist is not an easy job. Just ask Justin Trudeau. A day after his non-apology for the political crisis engulfing his government, with accusations that he bullied his female justice minister on a criminal case, [...]

GOP strategy on Omar: Let Dems struggle on their own

“I would like to see what the Democrats are going to do,” Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Wednesday on controversy over Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. “We’ve already led on this issue.” | AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Share [...]

The Guardians of the French Language Are Deadlocked, Just Like Their Country

“Words shoot up like geysers from your pen, tumble in cascades, swirl about, bump into each other, are never at rest,” Ms. Bona said, describing Mr. Grainville’s work in the traditional induction speech. “You are, sir, a writer [...]

Mike Pence Lashes European Allies for Their Stance on Iran

His speech to foreign ministers and diplomats from about five dozen countries came hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dropped any remaining pretense about the goal of the conference, which had been formally described as focusing [...]

New York voters give Cuomo and Schumer their ‘lowest ratings ever’ says poll

There’s disconcerting news for both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, according to a new Siena College poll. New Yorkers are not entirely thrilled with the two Empire State Democrats. “Voters give Cuomo and [...]

Millions of Indians Trek to the Ganges, and Modi Chases Their Votes

Many pilgrims believe the water will wash away their sins. Just a few yards from the riverbanks, Mr. Modi appeared, again. This time, he took the form of a high quality cardboard cutout, so sharp and lifelike you could count the curly [...]

At Least 28 Haitian Migrants Dead After Their Boat Sinks Off Bahamas

A boat smuggling Haitian migrants has sunk off the Bahamas, leaving at least 28 dead and 17 others in police custody, officials said on Sunday. Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Rolle of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force said that residents of the [...]