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European Union: Parliament Elections Will Be Latest Test of Populist Support

“But they can make a mess.” In addition to passing or rejecting laws, European lawmakers have new powers that could allow populists to block trade deals, approve the bloc’s budget and play an important role in determining who will [...]

New North Korea Weapons Test Threatens Trump’s Diplomatic Achievement

JEJU, South Korea — When North Korea launched a volley of projectiles off its east coast on Saturday, it sought to escalate the pressure on President Trump to return to the negotiating table with a compromise on easing sanctions, [...]

North Korea’s Latest Weapons Test: Short in Range but Long in Message

By testing a short-range tactical weapon, North Korea is playing its cards cautiously, analysts said. Mr. Kim can raise pressure on Washington with such a test but still be able to claim that he has not reneged on the moratorium. Karl [...]

Mueller report to test Trump’s ‘exoneration’ claims

“They tried to divide our country, to poison the national debate and to tear up the fabric of our great democracy,” President Donald Trump proclaimed last month in Grand Rapids, Mich. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo white house It’s [...]

Pentagon Claims Success in Test of New Tactic to Down Incoming Missiles

The Pentagon said that a test on Monday of a new tactic for intercepting missiles aimed at American cities was a success, in an exercise that appeared intended to simulate how the United States would defend against an adversary like [...]

For Prominent Chinese Church Leader, Detention Is a Test of Faith

BEIJING — In 2006, three Chinese Christians traveled to Washington to ask President George W. Bush for his support in their fight for religious freedom. One of them had converted to the faith only a few months earlier: Wang Yi, a [...]

House Dems to test Wilbur Ross’ ‘survivor’ status

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will appear before the House Oversight Committee about his decision to add a question about citizenship to the U.S. Census. | Win McNamee/Getty Images congress Some Democrats expect an apology on Thursday [...]

Warren creates purity test unseen in modern presidential politics

Elizabeth Warren’s self-imposed fundraising restrictions will leave money on the table from big donors who’ve supported her in the past. However, she has $ 12 million in the bank left over from her Senate campaign run. | AP [...]

Deadly Mexico Pipeline Disaster Poses Major Test for New President

MEXICO CITY — Word spread quickly: free gasoline. It was spewing from a pipeline, through a hole punched by fuel thieves. People — as many as 900, by some estimates — flocked to the rupture, many carrying containers to fill. But [...]

This is a TMD Test

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