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Tape appears to show Trump discussing payments involving ex-Playboy model

The nearly three-minute audio recording was provided to CNN by Lanny Davis, a lawyer who is representing Michael Cohen. By ANDREW RESTUCCIA and [...]

Lead Jim Jordan defender contradicts self on tape

CNN reports that a number of former Ohio State coaches, including former head coach Russ Hellickson, have come to the defense of embattled GOP Rep. Jim Jordan — who is facing allegations that he knew of serial abuse of his students, while [...]

Meet the guys who tape Trump’s papers back together

Solomon Lartey spent the first five months of the Trump administration working in the Old Executive Office Building, standing over a desk with scraps of paper spread out in front of him. Lartey, who earned an annual salary of $ 65,969 as [...]
BuzzFeed’s Gonna Find The Trump Pee Tape If It’s The Last Damn Thing They Do
raaaaaaaain, feel it on my fingertips, see it on the windowpane, that pee’s flowin’ down like … Many thousands of years ago, a website about 15 Fainting Goats Who Literally Can’t Even Right Now made the hard news decision to publish [...]
TFW You’re Trying To Buy Back Your Shit And They Hand You A Pee Tape
NO RUSSIA! NO RUSSIA! UNLESS … Okay, maybe there is Russia. Who’s ready to start the week with some weirdass Spy vs. Spy stuff? We honestly have no idea what to make of Friday’s dueling stories from The Intercept and the New York Times. [...]
Is George Papadopoulos The REAL Trump Pee Tape? WHOA IF TRUE!
But he doesn’t LOOK like a pee tape. Ever since special counsel Robert Mueller sweetened the pot Monday by unsealing a surprise confession and guilty plea from Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, a lot of new questions have arisen! [...]
Jesus, Facebook, Does Russia Have A Pee Tape Of You Too?
It was very mean of us to use a picture of Mark Zuckerberg for this post, probably. When news dropped last week that Facebook allowed a “troll farm” in St. Petersburg, Russia, to spend $ 100,000 Russian moneys on targeted political ads [...]
Russian Wingnut Knows What Time It Is, And It Is Trump Pee Tape O’ Clock!
raaaaaaaain, feel it on my fingertips, hear it on my windowpane, that pee’s flowin’ down like … Well, you know we here at Wonkette aren’t big fans of anyone or anything currently working in the Russian government, so we don’t exactly [...]
Trump Caught Between Russian Sanctions And A Pee Tape (ALLEGEDLY)
🙁 Poor, poor Donald Trump. Russia elected him president (ALLEGEDLY) and they wined and dined him and bought him a pair of their finest Russian pee hookers (ALLEGEDLY) to make sure he would be sweet to them and pursue a “Russia First” [...]
Trump Russian Pee Tape Threat Level Raised To Code Yellow
ALLEGEDLY David Corn of Mother Jones was the first person to report on the Steele Dossier, that collection of haikus and sonnets written by British spy Christopher Steele, what alleged BEAUCOUPS collusion between Donald Trump, his associates [...]