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News Analysis: After Trump Strikes Syria, Syrians Wonder ‘What’s Next?’
Seven years in, some now argue that the only realistic way to stop the war, prevent a jihadist resurgence and allow the country to move on is to acknowledge that Mr. Assad, with help from Iran and Russia, will remain in power and to effectively [...]
‘2 Bitter Options’ for Syrians Trapped Between Assad and Extremists
But people are still coming. In recent days, more than 10,000 fighters and civilians have been bused to Idlib from surrendering sections of eastern Ghouta. They arrive traumatized, exhausted and disillusioned, often with children suffering [...]
‘We Were Dying in There’: Thousands of Syrians Flee Rebel Enclave
Male detainees, some as young as 11, also suffered a wide range of sexual abuse, including rape, torture and genital mutilation. Investigators said they had documented such abuse in the political security and military intelligence branches [...]
Israeli Aid Gives an Unexpected ‘Glimmer of Hope’ for Syrians
“The aid creates a positive awareness of Israel on the Syrian side,” said Col. Barak Hiram, the commanding officer of Israel’s 474 Golan Brigade, adding that it could lay the “first seeds” of some form of future agreement. Most [...]

Ignored by western media, Syrians describe the nightmare the armed opposition brought them

This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Supporters of the Syrian opposition have relentlessly demanded that Western observers listen to “Syrian voices.” The idea is that by absorbing the testimonies of Syrians who have experienced [...]

Syrians in Turkey: The Human Smuggler and the Young Refugee

Interactive MARCH 24, 2017 After earning $ 800,000 in 2015 by sneaking migrants into Turkey, a smuggler says he has left the guilt and complications of his business behind — mostly. And a Syrian refugee boy, homeless [...]

‘We Are Dead Either Way’: Agonizing Choices for Syrians in Aleppo

They confided their dilemmas over whether to flee to government-held areas or stay put until the bitter end, a choice that split up many families. They described escalating bombardment and attacks that have killed women and children trying [...]