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News Analysis: As U.S. Exits Syria, Mideast Faces a Post-American Era

With little notice to the United States, Saudi Arabia began a military intervention in Yemen that nearly four years later has failed to dislodge the Iran-aligned rebels it targeted while causing a humanitarian crisis. Iran has deepened [...]

U.S. Begins Syria Withdrawal, Amid Uncertainty Over Strategy

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The United States has started withdrawing its troops from Syria, an American military spokesman said on Friday, further muddling the Trump administration’s plans for disengagement from one of the Middle East’s [...]

Bolton reassures a nervous Israel about Trump’s Syria plan

Alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, White House national security adviser John Bolton reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to Israel’s right to self-defense. | Kobi Gideon/GPO via Getty Images Foreign Policy The national [...]

John Bolton says U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria on ‘conditions’

JERUSALEM — President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, said Sunday that the U.S. military withdrawal from northeastern Syria is conditioned on defeating the remnants of the Islamic State group, and on Turkey assuring [...]

Syria Faces Brittle Future, Dominated by Russia and Iran

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Turkey is threatening to invade Syria to eradicate Kurdish fighters. Syrian forces are rolling toward territory the Americans will soon abandon. Israel is bombing Iran-backed militias deep inside Syria. And Russia [...]

AP FACT CHECK: Trump garbles Syria story, poverty record

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump is garbling his story about what’s going on with the Islamic State group. Has it been defeated or is it still a fighting force? He had it both ways over the course of several days. In a tumultuous [...]

Splitting With Trump Over Syria, American Leading ISIS Fight Steps Down

Brett McGurk, the special presidential envoy to the coalition fighting the Islamic State, has accelerated his resignation, telling colleagues this weekend that he could not carry out President Trump’s newly declared policy of withdrawing [...]

American Withdrawal From Syria Shakes Up the Middle East

Some analysts played down the threat as a bluff, or a cry for attention, saying that if the Islamic State prisoners were freed they could sooner be expected to turn on the Kurds than thank them. But a report by the Syrian Observatory [...]

Winners and Losers in Trump’s Planned Troop Withdrawal From Syria

President Trump’s decision this week to withdraw all American troops from Syria within 30 days risks leaving United States’ allies in the long-running war weakened while strengthening rivals backed by Iran and Russia. American troops [...]

Defending Syria Withdrawal, Trump Says U.S. Should Not Be ‘Policeman of the Middle East’

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Thursday defended his plan to withdraw American troops from Syria against mounting criticism from Republicans and Democrats and concerns from his military and diplomatic advisers who were caught off [...]