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Cricket Star. Sex Symbol. Prime Minister? It May Be Imran Khan’s Time.

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Mr. Khan goes into elections on Wednesday with seemingly too many advantages to fail — including the powerful implicit support of Pakistan’s army. Source: NYT > World
A Child of Gaza Dies. A Symbol Is Born. The Arguing Begins.
The boy assumed that Layla’s mother was already on the bus. In fact, she was in another part of the house, suffering from a toothache. Still, Layla was hardly the only infant at the protest. Entire families had come along, some snacking [...]
Palermo Journal: Not Just a Pretty Facade, Palermo’s Opera Is an Anti-Mafia Symbol
The Teatro particularly targeted the younger generation. It started a Rainbow Choir made up of children of immigrants, for many of whom Sicily is their first landing place in Europe. “In our community, migrants are an important part,” [...]
A ‘Mangy’ Christmas Tree Strikes Romans as a Symbol of Their City’s Decline
And in newspaper commentaries, the tree became a symbol of the Italian capital’s decline, moving the controversy from local news to national front pages. “Spelacchio mirrors the decadence of the city,” said Francesca Nava, a television [...]
Royal Engagement Seen as Symbol of Change, With Asterisks
But for Ms. Hirsch and other chroniclers of racial inequality in Britain, it is problematic to frame Ms. Markle’s engagement as too seminal a moment. The symbolism of Ms. Markle’s entry into a family that once shunned commoners, Catholics [...]
Vic Journal: Catalonia’s Push for Independence Has an Unlikely Symbol: Tractors
Last week, Mr. Colom and other farmers were participating in a general strike called across the region, and the tractorada was lending its mechanized mass in support of independence and to denounce the police violence that had followed [...]
In Angela Merkel, German Women Find Symbol, but Not Savior
Even in politics, where the chancellor has proved a role model for many and has vowed to appoint a gender-balanced cabinet if re-elected, the number of women in Parliament is already certain to drop, whatever the outcome of the vote a [...]

Reporter’s Notebook: 100 Years Later, Battle of Vimy Ridge Remains Key Symbol for Canada

Many of the Canadian ceremonies were low key. In Ottawa, the crowd stood largely silent for the opening of an overnight vigil, listening to choral music; watching musical performances, including by a young indigenous drummer; and quietly [...]

Kabul Journal: Saving an Afghan Symbol, With Afghans Only

Designed by French and German architects, mixing neoclassical European styles with Moghul and Eastern influences, the palace was not only possibly Afghanistan’s biggest building, it was also one of its first to get central heating [...]

Ex-Yugo general Trifunovic, symbol of senseless war, dies

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) – Serbia state television says former Yugoslav army general Vlado Trifunovic, whose treason conviction by Serbia’s wartime nationalist leadership became a symbol of the senselessness of the 1990s’ Balkan conflict, [...]