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Maine Gov. Paul LePage Tells Maine Voters To Suck His Dick, Pretty Much (This Is A Post About Medicaid)
Guess what body part I’m being? Oh, you guessed! Even as he’s in his final year as governor of Maine, Paul LePage has been remarkably consistent in keeping his pledge to be the biggest asshole he can possibly be. Last November, Maine voters [...]
Your 2017 Legislative Shitmuffin Of The Whole Entire Year Is DEVIN NUNES, COME ON DOWN AND SUCK IT!
He still looks like this now. What can be said of California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes that hasn’t already been said about anal scabs? You might think Nunes’s year of obstruction of justice started in March when he breathlessly kicked his Uber [...]
Putin’s Arch-Nemesis Allowed To Come To America Again, Because SUCK IT, PUTIN!
Putin is so scared of this guy. We have a quick update on a story we told you Monday, about a financier guy named Bill Browder, once the biggest foreign investor in Russia, who basically authored the anti-corruption Magnitsky Acts, which exist [...]
President Trump is now trying to suck up to Robert Mueller
Is President Donald Trump trying to suck up to the man whose investigation could lead to criminal charges against him? After threatening the man leading a special investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia, [...]
Anthony Scaramucci Doesn’t Suck Own Cock Like Steve Bannon Sucks Own Cock
pretty Splendid news, everyone! Anthony Scaramucci, Donald Trump’s adorable little biscuit, does not suck his own cock. Unfortunate news, everyone! Steve Bannon, the pockmarked grease stain that fell out Dead Breitbart’s anal canal and [...]
Chuck Grassley says of Nixonian comparisons: ‘Suck it up’
Sen. Chuck Grassley said Wednesday that those making comparisons of President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James B. Comey to President Richard Nixon need to “suck it up.” “My message is suck it up and move on,” Mr. Grassley said [...]

Deleted Comments: Nazis And Furries And My Little Pony Because Man, People Suck

And yes, there’s a furry Nazi novel called ‘The Furred Reich’ Yet another weird week, with the usual collection of oddness and derp, so let’s put on our $ 3000 anthropomorphic animal costumes and jump right in. What’s that? You don’t [...]

Basically, humans suck

Greece charges cleric with child refugees sexual abuse Hundreds of refugee children are alone in Greece without parents [File: Marko Djurica/Reuters]—————— Police arrest 52-year-old French accused of molesting [...]

Iowa lawmaker proposes “suck it up, buttercup” bill to silence “annoying” protesters

This is what oppression posing as “tough love” looks like. Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, an Iowa Republican who serves in his state’s general assembly, announced on Monday that he plans to introduce legislation that he calls the “suck [...]