02222019What's Hot:

Tropical Storm Pabuk Strikes Thailand’s Resort Islands

BANGKOK — Rain, winds and surging seawater knocked down trees and flooded roads on Friday, as Tropical Storm Pabuk made landfall in southern Thailand. One person was reported dead and another missing after a fishing boat with [...]

Rioters in Congo Storm an Ebola Center as Political Unrest Grows

Protesters stormed an Ebola triage center in the volatile eastern region of Congo on Thursday and set fire to parts of it in a new wave of violent political unrest, aggravated by delays in a long-anticipated election. The violence erupted [...]

After APEC Meeting, Police Storm Papua New Guinea Parliament, Demanding Pay

Disgruntled police officers and other workers stormed the Parliament building in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, breaking glass and overturning furniture as they demanded to be paid for their work during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation [...]

After the Storm: Photos From Hong Kong, Battered by Typhoon Mangkhut

Hong Kong is a city well prepared for typhoons, with a detailed warning system that alerts residents to the severity of any approaching storm so that they know how — and how quickly — to respond. But when Typhoon Mangkhut battered [...]

Live Briefing: Typhoon Mangkhut: Storm Hits China as Philippines Searches for Dozens Buried in Slides

Hong Kong is used to fierce storms, but when Typhoon Mangkhut struck the city on Sunday, it soon became clear that this one was different. Wind gusts as strong as 120 miles an hour swept through the city, rocking tall buildings and fueling [...]

Live Briefing: Typhoon Mangkhut: Storm Slams Philippines on Landfall

Associated Press journalists sheltering in a hotel in Tuguegarao early Saturday reported seeing tin roof sheets and other debris hurtling through the air and store signs crashing to the ground. Meteorologists in Manila said even the typhoon’s [...]

After the Storm: Market Lessons for Hurricane Season

Last year’s tropical storms killed thousands of people, caused $ 280 billion in damage and left Wall Street numb as company after company warned that an aggregate $ 1 billion in profit had washed away between the flooding and the wider [...]

Philippines Is Haunted by Chaos of Earlier Storm as Typhoon Mangkhut Hits

SHANGHAI — As Typhoon Mangkhut starts to land its blow on the northern Philippines, the country’s leaders are haunted by the devastating experience of Typhoon Haiyan five years before, when a tsunami-like storm surge and gusts of [...]

Trump’s most outrageous storm descriptions — a series

Over his 20 months in office, President Donald Trump has stirred controversy with his bombastic descriptions of hurricanes and other storms. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo The president has reveled in the spotlight during natural disasters, [...]

Several Reported Killed in Libya as Gunmen Storm National Oil Company

Gunmen stormed the headquarters of Libya’s national oil company in Tripoli on Monday, setting off explosions, taking hostages and spraying gunfire, leaving several people dead or wounded before forces aligned with the government took [...]