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POLITICO Playbook: A new election in North Carolina, Steve King says he has nothing to apologize for and Hogan rips RNC

Presented by */ ]]> Republican candidate Mark Harris may not run again in the new election for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District due to health concerns and the fraud allegations encircling his campaign. | Travis Long/The [...]

House denounces white supremacy; Steve King supports resolution of rebuke

Rep. Steve King voted Tuesday to denounce white supremacy — joining the very colleagues who had intended the vote to be a rebuke to the Iowa Republican and recent controversial statements attributed to him. The 424-1 vote follows a decision [...]

Steve Cohen introduces constitutional amendment to abolish Electoral College

A Democratic House member introduced two proposed constitutional amendments on his party’s first day in power, one of which would abolish the Electoral College. Rep. Steve Cohen, Tennessee Democrat and a Judiciary Committee member, said in [...]

Steve Scalise faces new challenges in Congress

For all of Republican Rep. Steve Scalise’s undeniable accomplishments, his life hasn’t been a steady succession of bouquets. His mother died when he was a boy, and thus never saw his political rise from the Louisiana legislature to a powerful [...]

Steve Bannon predicts impeachment for President Trump pending midterm results

President Trump will be impeached if Republicans lose their rule over the House of Representatives as a result of the Nov. 6 midterm elections, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said. Appearing on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill [...]

Italy’s Most Powerful Politician Joins Steve Bannon’s ‘Movement’

Mr. Salvini has shrugged those off as distractions. Mr. Bannon agreed, saying that by March the campaign for the European Parliament would be in full swing, with the intensity of the American presidential election in 2016, and that everyone [...]

Steve Forbes Awards Mark Skousen Triple Crown in Economics

Publisher’s Note: This week’s Skousen CAFE is a little different than usual. I am Roger Michalski, publisher of Eagle Financial Publications, and I am giving Mark the week off from writing his column to make a very special announcement. You [...]
Steve Bannon Gonna Show Trump How To Dissolve Russia Investigation In An Acid-Filled Bathtub
He woke up like this. We’re having a hard time picking out our favorite part of the “legal advice” well-known “lawyer” Steve Bannon is pitching to the White House, in a bid to show Donald Trump that he, Bannon, is still Trump’s [...]
Steve Bannon Stole Your Nana’s Facebook Secrets For Cambridge Analytica, Rubbed ‘Em All Over His Junk
KNOWS YOUR NANA’S SECRETS Update on the saga of Steve Bannon and the Mercers and their dirty bribery and ratfucking company that also steals your Facebook secrets, Cambridge Analytica! We know that in the process of CA’s Russian “Doctor” [...]
Steve Bannon Is Done Wrecking the American Establishment. Now He Wants to Destroy Europe’s.
In Zurich, Mr. Bannon says, he had a “fascinating” meeting on Tuesday with leaders of Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany party. They included Alice Weidel and Beatrix von Storch, who recently reacted to a New Year’s Eve [...]