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Chronicle of Julian Assange’s stay in the Ecuadorian embassy

LONDON (AP) – Julian Assange, the founder of anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, was arrested at the Embassy of Ecuador in London Thursday – seven years after he first took refuge there. A look at key events in the Assange saga: – [...]

‘Stay strong and fight back’: Trump urges Fox News to dig in on Carlson and Pirro

“Bring back @JudgeJeanine Pirro,” President Donald Trump tweeted. Pirro has been criticized for appearing to question the patriotism of a Muslim-American member of Congress. | Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images White House The president’s [...]

Donald Trump takes victory lap, urges CPAC activists to stay vigilant

President Trump on Saturday took a victory lap for what he described as a booming economy, U.S. victories abroad, and his success on conservative priorities like appointing new judges to the federal courts as he urged grassroots conservative [...]

Trump urges GOP to stay strong on emergency declaration as security officials prepare to push back

President Trump defended his plan for border security Monday, as 58 former national security officials are reportedly preparing to release a formal rebuke of his national emergency declaration. “We have a State of Emergency at our Southern [...]

Mexico Moves to Encourage Caravan Migrants to Stay and Work

CIUDAD HIDALGO, Mexico — Mexico’s new president has moved decisively to encourage migrants fleeing poverty and violence in Central America to stay and work in Mexico, making it easier for them to get visas and work permits and promoting [...]

‘I Have to Stay Alive’: Gay Brazilian Lawmaker Gives Up Seat Amid Threats

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — An openly gay federal lawmaker in Brazil who has frequently clashed with the country’s new far-right president said on Thursday that he was giving up his seat because of death threats. The lawmaker, Jean Wyllys, [...]

Denied Use of Roundabouts, Can Yellow Vests Stay United, Visible and Viable?

Others are hardly political at all. At the cafe was Patricia Blot, a onetime nurse, who had fallen ill and stopped leaving her house, but was roused by the cause of the Yellow Vests. The last politician she liked, she said, was Charles [...]

New DCCC chair Bustos vows to stay on offense in 2020

“Look, I’m not going to be satisfied until half of Congress is women,” Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) said at the DCCC’s headquarters near the Capitol. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo Elections She has ambitious plans for the DCCC, vowing [...]

Why Inflation Is Here to Stay – the Case for Gold

“Fiat money and fiduciary credit are the pillar and post of our age of inflation.” — Hans F. Sennholz “The establishment of central banking removes the checks of bank credit expansion and puts the inflationary engine into operation.” [...]

Trump hints shutdown could be a ‘long stay’

President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: “Will be having lunch in White House residence with large group concerning Border Security.” | Tasos Katopodis-Pool via Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> President [...]