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Israel Faces Prospect of New Election as Netanyahu’s Coalition Talks Stall

JERUSALEM — Israel was in political turmoil on Wednesday as a midnight deadline approached for the formation of a new government, without Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party having managed to form a coalition. The [...]

As China Trade Talks Stall, Xi Faces a Dilemma: Fold? Or Double Down?

BEIJING — As Chinese and American officials try to reach a trade deal, Xi Jinping faces a painful, possibly damaging, choice: to try to protect his aura of indomitability or retreat after President Trump accused China of reneging [...]

POLITICO Playbook: BREAKDOWN: Talks to keep government open stall, with deadline just days away

Presented by */ ]]> “I’m hoping we can get off the dime later today or in the morning because time’s ticking away,” Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby said. | Andrew Burton/Getty Images DRIVING THE DAY THE [...]

Trump’s Great Wall Becomes Trump’s Great Stall

For those of us who were ecstatic the night Donald Trump was elected president, who watch election night videos over and over again, it used to be easy to defend him against the charge that he is just a BS-ing con man who would say anything [...]

Kim Jong-un Focuses on Economy as Nuclear Talks With U.S. Stall

[unable to retrieve full-text content] North Korea’s leader is lashing out against economic missteps as he turns his attention to building prosperity. But he needs American cooperation. Source: NYT > World
Catalonia Votes Again, This Time in a Gamble to Stall Its Secessionists
“There are a lot of possible outcomes that could lead to a very long negotiation, lasting perhaps weeks if not months,” he added. The vote will be Catalonia’s second since October to be held in extraordinary circumstances that have [...]
Death Toll Climbs, and Relief Efforts Stall, as Caribbean Braces for Hurricane Jose
It could be days before rescue workers can fully assess the extent of the aid needed — and losses inflicted — by both storms. “That is not only stopping all of the work we began in the last few days,” Mr. Hamoir said, referring [...]
Trump’s six-month stall sparks a White House shake-up
WASHINGTON (AP) – Six months into his presidency, Donald Trump is saddled with a stalled agenda, a West Wing that resembles a viper’s nest, a pile of investigations and a Republican Party that is starting to break away. Trump on Friday [...]
Kevin McCarthy says Dems using ‘stall tactics’ to prevent Donald Trump’s success
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Democrats are using “every stall tactic possible” to prevent President Trump from being successful. “It was the longest time to get a Cabinet since George Washington. No president has ever had [...]

Gunmen in Aleppo, Firing at Ambulances, Stall Latest Evacuation Effort

Thousands of people had gathered outside a hospital in the Mashhad neighborhood, which is still controlled by rebels, hoping that an evacuation deal announced on Tuesday by Turkey, Russia and Syrian rebels would hold. But the constant [...]