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Trump to approve lean Space Force

A White House official predicted that a full-fledged Space Force won’t become reality until at least sometime in President Donald Trump’s second term. | Alex Wong/Getty Images space The presidential directive will set the [...]

Philippines Dispatch: Where 518 Inmates Sleep in Space for 170, and Gangs Hold It Together

MANILA — For some inmates of the Manila City Jail, making the bed means mopping up sludgy puddles, unfolding a square of cardboard on the tile floor and lying down to sleep in a small, windowless bathroom, wedged in among six men [...]

UFO conspiracy theorists see Space Force as evidence

President Trump’s order to create a military Space Force gave conspiracy theorists another tantalizing piece of evidence — some say the best yet — that the government is hiding the truth about extraterrestrial visitors. The idea is that [...]

From a Space Station in Argentina, China Expands Its Reach in Latin America

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Our correspondent went to the deserts of Patagonia to examine how China secured its new base, a symbol of its growing clout in the region. Source: NYT > World

As Trump pushes Space Force, support quietly builds for ‘Space Guard’

Forget President Donald Trump’s Space Force. What the U.S. may need more is a Coast Guard for space. Trump wants a stand-alone branch of the military — co-equal with the Army, Navy and Air Force — to ensure “dominance in space” and [...]

How Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Could Set Off a Dangerous Arms Race

“When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space,” President Donald Trump said Monday as he announced the creation of a new “Space Force” to protect U.S. interests and assets in space. [...]
Trump’s NASA Administrator Brings Fresh New ‘No Science’ Agenda To Space Agency
At least he has wings on his lapel. That should count for something. Donald Trump’s record of finding the Best People for government jobs continued this week: Thursday, the Senate confirmed Jim Bridenstine, a US congressman from Oklahoma, [...]
Space war could come before Trump’s ‘space force’
04/06/2018 07:03 AM EDT By Bryan Bender [...]
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Space war is coming — and the U.S. is not ready
War is coming to outer space, and the Pentagon warns it is not yet ready, following years of underinvesting while the military focused on a host of threats on Earth. Russia and China are years ahead of the United States in developing [...]