02222019What's Hot:

The $89,000 Verdict Tearing Japan and South Korea Apart

SEOUL, South Korea — Until recently, few had heard of PNR, a company in South Korea that turns sludge from steel mills into iron. Then a 94-year-old man named Lee Chun-shik tried to settle an old debt. Mr. Lee grew up during the Japanese [...]

U.S. and South Korea Sign Deal on Shared Defense Costs

SEOUL, South Korea — Washington and Seoul on Sunday signed an agreement on how to share the cost of the American military presence in South Korea, resolving a dispute between the allies before President Trump’s meeting this month [...]

Mother-daughter in South Texas make pillows for migrants

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (AP) – With a sewing machine, some fabric and cotton stuffing, a Brownsville mother-daughter duo has set out to be part of the humanitarian response for migrants on the border. The Brownsville Herald reports Melba Salazar-Lucio, [...]

Ex-Chief Justice of South Korea Is Arrested on Case-Rigging Charges

SEOUL, South Korea — A former chief justice of South Korea’s Supreme Court was arrested early Thursday on charges of conspiring with the nation’s disgraced former president to manipulate its ruling on a case that threatened to [...]

South Korea’s Speedskating Community Faces Reckoning After Rape Allegations

Mr. Moon called for a thorough investigation, urging his government to help other victims feel safe enough to speak out. His remarks came as more than 260,000 people signed a petition to his office demanding a longer prison term for Mr. [...]

U.S.-North Korea Summit Looks Imminent, South Korean Leader Says

SEOUL, South Korea — President Moon Jae-in of South Korea said Thursday that the visit to China this week by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, heralded an imminent second summit meeting between Mr. Kim and President Trump to negotiate [...]

South Africa’s Zuma will head to recording studio in 2019

JOHANNESBURG (AP) – Driven from office by scandal, former South African president Jacob Zuma plans to record music in 2019. An official says Zuma, who resigned in February, will in April record “his trademark struggle songs” from [...]

2018 in South Carolina: Tragedy, floods, more nuclear money

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – The year ends in South Carolina with hundreds of people rebuilding homes flooded for the second time in three years and hundreds of thousands of people still paying for nuclear reactors that never generated power. It [...]

Historic Mission in South Texas is along planned border wall

MISSION, Texas (AP) – The federal government’s plan to run the planned border wall at the site of a historic mission along the Rio Grande would amount to an illegal government intrusion into the practice of religion, the Catholic Diocese [...]

Interpol Rejects Russian as President, Electing South Korean Instead

BRUSSELS — Interpol elected a South Korean police veteran as its next president on Wednesday, in the face of pressure from Western diplomats who said choosing the Russian candidate who had been considered the front-runner could jeopardize [...]