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A Social Media Star Is Shot Dead in Baghdad. Iraqis Fear a Trend.

Tara Fares was a model and a social media star whose carefully crafted lifestyle and fashion photos drew in more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram. On Thursday, she was shot dead at 22 in broad daylight in Baghdad, the latest [...]

Behind Trump’s obsession with social media suppression

In public comments and private conversations with his allies, President Donald Trump has bashed the San Francisco tech elites who he believes worked in 2016 to get his political nemesis, Hillary Clinton, elected president. | Scott Olson/Getty [...]
Chinese Social Media Site Reverses Gay Content Ban After Uproar
Internet users welcomed the change on Monday. Still, some said the company owed gays an apology. “It is totally insincere,” Bai Fei, a feminist activist in Shanghai, said of the announcement. “They have already harmed us. I want [...]
DACA isn’t just about social justice — legalizing Dreamers makes economic sense too
Any cause for celebration, however, was short-lived as the Department of Justice immediately responded by asking the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling. The Supreme Court has not yet announced a decision. In the meantime, the future of DACA [...]
A psychology researcher explains how social media is changing us
It’s like people have a sense of their friends’ identity and personality and esteem as viewed through social media instead of reality, like a homunculus in their head. Maybe keep a record of their friends’ posts. Yeah, probably not [...]
Russian ads targeted issues, not candidates, social media execs say
Russian-backed mischief-makers and disinformation accounts were a tiny fraction of the online conversation leading up to last year’s presidential election, and most of their efforts sowed discord over hot-button issues such as immigration [...]
New York Times’ social media policy hides political bias, doesn’t eliminate it
The New York Times‘ new policy on social media may rid the paper of perceived bias, but critics say it leaves unchecked the actual bias permeating “the Gray Lady’s” reliably liberal pages. From ESPN to CNN, the mainstream media are [...]

The Interpreter: ‘The Social Contract Is Broken’: Inequality Becomes Deadly in Mexico

As the war on drugs fractured large cartels in recent years, smaller and more predatory groups rose in their place. Extortions and kidnappings spiked, targeting not just businesses and the rich but also middle-class workers. In response, [...]
Congress’ Russian probe searching for fracking-related social media ads
Congressional leaders on Tuesday expanded their investigation into Moscow’s use of social media to meddle in the 2016 election demanding that Twitter, Facebook and Google hand over any Russian-bought ads targeting the American debate over [...]
The Supreme Court made it harder for states to ban sex offenders from social media. Here’s why
This article was originally published on The Conversation. Until recently, North Carolina law prohibited registered sex offenders from using various social media sites, such as Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. In June, a landmark Supreme [...]