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Donald Trump: James Comey did Hillary Clinton a favor because ‘she should be in jail’

President Trump said Thursday that his political rival Hillary Clinton should have been “taken right off the campaign” and thrown in jail back in 2016. “The Democrats hated Comey more than any human being,” Mr. Trump said on Fox News, [...]

Should We Honor Adam Smith or Karl Marx?

On Monday, September 24, I was invited to give the first Adam Smith lecture at the Panmure House, the last home lived in by the founder of modern economics. The house is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and recently has been refurbished by [...]

Myanmar Generals Should Face Genocide Charges, U.N. Panel Says

The United Nations mission said the dominant position of the Tatmadaw, which ruled Myanmar for nearly half a century and still enjoys absolute impunity even as it shares power with a civilian government, meant that yet another Rakhine [...]

Should We Be Anticipating War With Iran? No, but It Could Get Nasty.

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The military capabilities of the United States dwarf those of Iran, and the Iranians know it. Still, they will not back down from a confrontation. Source: NYT > World

Gowdy: Trump advisers should consider quitting over Russia

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) also suggested that some members of the administration may need to consider leaving if the president continues to disregard their advice to stand [...]
Sean Hannity Says Mueller Witnesses Should Destroy Evidence, Because HILLARY BLEACHED EMAILS BENGHAZI!!1!!!!!1!
This week news broke that special counsel Robert Mueller is asking witnesses to hand over their Obamaphones, so that he may check to see if they are using encrypted apps like Signal and WhatsApp to do conspiracies with Russia or any other [...]
Texas Bigot Should Be More Like The Queen
Queen Elizabeth’s Nazi-tolerant Uncle would have some quibbles with this photo. I’m usually resistant to the notion that we live in a post-racial world. After Obama’s history-making election in 2008, we all joined hands and offered the [...]
Precious Metals Investors Should Protect Their Assets and Lives
The adage about investors losing their shirts understates the reality for precious metals speculators, who not only can lose their assets but even their lives. Greed has led unscrupulous people to prey on investors who are too trusting. As [...]
Maybe Democrats Should Focus On Beating Republicans Instead Of Tearing Down Progressives In Primaries?
A good rule, in this, the year of our lord internet 2018, is to never assume that you can do some shady ass shit without anyone finding out about it, because it is entirely possible that the person you are trying to pull said shady ass shit [...]
Egypt’s Election Should Be a Lock. So Why Is President Sisi Worried?
Tensions spiked in the early stages of the election when two former generals stepped forward to challenge him. He quickly dispatched their bids — one man is in jail while the second, after a month in detention, disavowed his ambitions. Few [...]