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Democrat Presidential Hopeful Cory Booker Shared Pro-Farrakhan Images.

U.S. POLITICS The Democratic Presidential hopeful not only appears to be open to meeting with known racist Louis Farrakhan, but has also shared images lionizing him. on June 24, 2019 Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share [...]

Shared Buddhist Faith Offers No Shield From Myanmar Military

SITTWE, Myanmar — The blood was flowing again, as it has so often, in Rakhine State, where the jungle of the Mayu hills meets the muddy flats of the Bay of Bengal: Ethnic militants ambushed four police bases on Myanmar’s Independence [...]

Poland and Israel’s Embrace as Awkward as Ever Despite Shared Adversary in E.U.

In July, Mr. Orban flew to Israel, praying at the Western Wall and visiting Yad Vashem, the memorial to the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. Mr. Netanyahu has had greater difficulty finessing the relationship with Poland. A year [...]

U.S. and South Korea Sign Deal on Shared Defense Costs

SEOUL, South Korea — Washington and Seoul on Sunday signed an agreement on how to share the cost of the American military presence in South Korea, resolving a dispute between the allies before President Trump’s meeting this month [...]
Poland’s ‘Death Camp’ Law Tears at Shared Bonds of Suffering With Jews
On Tuesday, Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson criticized the law, saying that it “adversely affects freedom of speech and academic inquiry.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has gone further, likening the law to Holocaust [...]
Venezuela’s Most-Wanted Rebel Shared His Story, Just Before Death
The accusations irked Mr. Pérez to the end. “If we had wanted to kill someone that day, we would have already done it,” he said. Even as the authorities closed in on Mr. Pérez this month, he was confident he would continue to outsmart [...]
The Stories Behind Three Anti-Muslim Videos Shared by Trump
The public prosecutor’s office in the province said the aggressor was a 16-year-old who was “born and raised in the Netherlands.” He was arrested after the video came to light, officials said. The video gives no indication of the [...]
News Analysis: In Catalonia Crisis, Shared Blame for ‘a Difficult and Undesirable Situation’
“You need mistakes on both sides to get entangled in such a difficult and undesirable situation,” said Pablo Simón, a politics professor at the Carlos III University in Madrid. Catalan separatists have been flouting Spain’s Constitution, [...]
Analysis: In Mideast, Trump pushes shared worries over Iran
JERUSALEM (AP) – As he hopscotches through the Middle East, President Donald Trump is urging Israel and its Arab neighbors to unite around a “common cause”: their deep distrust of Iran. Trump’s first trip abroad has highlighted [...]
Republicans concerned about report Trump shared secrets with Russia
By Austin Wright 05/15/17 06:23 PM EDT [...]