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Trump’s VA Is Purging Civil Servants

This article is being co-published by ProPublica. Last June, President Donald Trump fulfilled a campaign promise by signing a bipartisan bill to make it easier to fire employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The law, a rare rollback [...]

Trump Hopes Nothing Bad Will Happen To Civil Servants Who Testify Against Him, That Would Be A Damn Shame!

Hey, remember this fall when all of a sudden the GOP Howler Monkey Brigade kicked those attacks on the FBI up to 11? Remember that weasel Devin Nunes flinging feces and shouting THE DODGY DOSSIER and DEEP STATE even though he was “recused” [...]

Resist or Obey Madrid’s Rule? Catalonia Civil Servants Must Decide

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On the other, “we have part of the country that really believes that ‘we are free, we have an independent republic’, and for this part of the country, President Puigdemont and his government are the legitimate government of Catalonia,” [...]