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Craig sees path for success in 2nd try against Lewis

EAGAN, Minn. (AP) – Angie Craig came so close to winning a seat in Congress that she wasn’t ready to give up. The former medical technology executive turned Democratic politician lost by less than 2 points in 2016 to Jason Lewis, a [...]

GOP sees new bomb scare victim: Trump

Trump allies didn’t bat an eye when the president accused journalists in a tweet Thursday morning of contributing to “a very big part of the Anger we see today in our society.” | Susan Walsh/AP Photo Bomb Threat Many Trump allies [...]

Amid the Trumpian Chaos, Europe Sees a Strategy: Divide and Conquer

[unable to retrieve full-text content] President Trump badgers and breaks protocol, but Europe faces a dilemma: It can’t get along with him and can’t get along without the United States. Source: NYT > World

Trump sees justification to rev up hard-line policies

“This ruling is also a moment of profound vindication following months of hysterical commentary from the media and Democratic politicians who refuse to do what it takes [...]

Trump Team Sees ‘Major Disarmament’ of North Korea in 2.5 Years

[unable to retrieve full-text content] “Sleep well tonight!” President Trump reassured Americans after returning from the summit meeting. “What planet is the president on?” replied Senator Chuck Schumer. Source: [...]
Donald Trump Just Hallucinating Now, Sees Shade Of Melania When She’s Not There
[embedded content] Melanie Trump hasn’t been seen in public since she went away to the hospital for treatment of a benign kidney issue 15 days ago. But no worries, she’s recovered tremendously, even though Donald kind of forgot her name [...]
News Analysis: Hamas Sees Gaza Protests as Peaceful — and as a ‘Deadly Weapon’
Few analysts, and certainly few Israelis, have suggested that Hamas may actually be rethinking its strategy merely because it has joined what are meant to be nonviolent mass protests and has name-checked the heroes of peaceful civil disobedience. “It’s [...]
He Left Soviet Army for Afghan Life 35 Years Ago. Now, He Sees Russians Return.
“I wrote a letter to my mother,” Mr. Mohammad recalled of the first years after his capture. “I wrote about myself. I said, ‘Mom, this is what happened to me.’ She wrote back, and said, ‘I cried and cried.’” A mujahedeen [...]
‘Everyone sees the difference’: Race, sexual orientation and Florida’s responses to Parkland and Pulse
“The majority of the Pulse victims, the 49 people who lost their lives at Pulse, they were mostly LGBTQ people of color. Didn’t their lives matter? Why wasn’t the [...]
As Xi Tightens His Grip on China, U.S. Sees Conflict Ahead
Mr. Xi’s power grab has thrown this new China into stark relief, “exacerbating the fault line that already exists between China and the liberal democracies of the world,” said Orville H. Schell, the director of the Center on U.S.-China [...]