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Refugee teens in Austrian schools straddle different worlds

VIENNA (AP) – Lilas Almalaki didn’t know a word of German when she enrolled in an Austrian middle school two months after fleeing her war-torn homeland in 2015, so she relied on the proficient English she learned as a top student in [...]

In a Divided Bosnia, Segregated Schools Persist

TRAVNIK, Bosnia and Herzegovina — The school in this medieval town is divided by a flimsy metal fence and the legacy of war. Each day, children stream into the same school building, only to study separately, using separate textbooks, [...]

France Bans Smartphones in Schools Through 9th Grade. Will It Help Students?

PARIS — The eighth-grade girls already know what to expect from France’s new smartphone ban in all primary and middle schools because their school voluntarily instituted one last year. “Annoying,” was the assessment of Zoélinh [...]

The New Thing in Hong Kong’s Public Schools: White Students

HONG KONG — For generations, Hong Kong’s prestigious international schools exclusively educated the children of wealthy Western expatriates. Today, placement in those schools is increasingly competitive and enrollment fees can exceed [...]
Oklahoma Senate Might Fund Schools, If Only To Get All These Teachers Out Of Their Hair
Signs you never saw at a Trump rally, part CCLXIV Oklahoma teachers walked out of schools on Monday to demand adequate funding for the state’s schools, and they’re still out today. The strike may be working — the Oklahoma Senate will [...]
A New Push Is on for Afghan Schools, but the Numbers Are Grim
3.5 million children are unschooled. That 3.5 million figure is according to Unicef. Seventy-five percent of them are girls. The reasons vary. Violence remains high and widespread. There are too few female teachers, and many families [...]
Why hardening schools hasn’t stopped school shootings
President Donald Trump has called for “hardened schools” to end the cycle of school massacres. But he was unimpressed last week when told about a Midwestern campus dubbed “the safest school in America.” An Indiana [...]
Donald Trump, Florida AG Pam Bondi To Be Your Personal Rambo At All America’s Schools
Where does he get these wonderful ideas? Donald Trump and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi both explained today that if they had been at the site of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, they certainly would have rushed [...]
Ireland Tells State-Run Schools: Stop Steering Pupils to Religion Class
State-run schools have long offered religious instruction in keeping with community norms — which almost always means Catholic, in a country where about four-fifths of the population identifies as belonging to that denomination. “It [...]
Should teachers be armed in schools?
People attend a vigil for the victims of a fatal shooting at Marshall County High School, Jan. 25, 2018(Credit: AP/Robert Ray) After the Kentucky school shooting, some state lawmakers want school staff to carry guns Jeremy Binckes2018-01-28T15:00:19Z•2018-01-28T15:00:19Z•0 [...]