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Adam Schiff makes no apologies for investigating Trump, sees no conflict with Robert Mueller probe

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Sunday said he doesn’t think his decision to restart and expand the Russian-meddling investigation conflicts with special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe. “We have a separate [...]

Adam Schiff says there’s collusion

US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) joins us for an update on the Trump-Russia investigation. In this episode, Schiff responds to Trump’s latest attack on him just this morning; and gives his views on the infamous [...]

Adam Schiff vows to ‘scrutinize every single action’ by Matthew Whitaker

Incoming House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff pledged Sunday that once Democrats take over the chamber next year, they will “scrutinize every single action” by acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker. Mr. Schiff, California [...]

Adam Schiff: Justice Department must ‘re-examine’ position that sitting president can’t be indicted

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said Wednesday that the Justice Department needs to reconsider its longstanding position that a sitting president cannot be indicted. In a CNN interview Wednesday, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, [...]
LORDY, Adam Schiff Is Pretty Sure There Are Tapes!
Still gonna fuck Trump up. Golly, we’re glad it’s such a slow Infrastructure Week in the news right now! Just kidding, Jesus what a shitshow. We almost forgot already that on Monday, Devin Nunes and his idiot GOP compatriots on the House [...]
Your 2017 Legislative Boyfriend We Mean Hero Of The Year Is ADAM SCHIFF!
also he did one of these nice pictures (photo: Adam Bouska) Rep. Adam Schiff, Democratic ranking member OF OUR HEARTS and also of the House Intelligence Committee, wins Wonkette legislative hero of 2017 for being the exact opposite of 2017 [...]
THIS IS SERIOUS. Rep. Adam Schiff Just Hit The ‘OH FUCK!’ Button
LISTEN TO THIS MAN. We were just about to tell you that HOORAY, special counsel Robert Mueller is finally looking at Cambridge Analytica, the creepy weird data firm co-owned by GOP megadonors The Mercers, which worked for the Trump campaign, [...]
Adam Schiff: President Trump “dishonest” when he said he had no business in Russia
On “State of the Union” Sunday, Rep. Adam Schiff said that President Trump was “dishonest” in his characterization of his ties with Russia. He also suggested that Trump has shaped his foreign policy based on a business opportunity [...]
Adam Schiff Ready To Cram His Giant Subpoenas Down Trump’s Throat
helicopterer of subpoenas For weeks, Donald Trump held America hostage with his tweet threats to former FBI director James Comey that MAYBE he has “wire tapps” of their conversations with each other, so Comey better tell the truth about [...]
Adam Schiff Obama made ‘very serious mistake’ on Russian election meddling
It was the Democratic Party’s turn Sunday to sweat over Russian meddling as lawmakers acknowledged that President Barack Obama knew about the foreign election interference but failed to act until after the 2016 presidential race. Rep. Adam [...]