12122018What's Hot:

James Comey told lawmakers Russian probe started with four Americans, not Donald Trump

Former FBI Director James B. Comey told lawmakers Friday the Russian probe began with the surveillance of four Americans but signaled the counterintelligence investigation was not into Donald Trump or his presidential campaign. Chairman of [...]

Interpol Rejects Russian as President, Electing South Korean Instead

BRUSSELS — Interpol elected a South Korean police veteran as its next president on Wednesday, in the face of pressure from Western diplomats who said choosing the Russian candidate who had been considered the front-runner could jeopardize [...]

Russian veterans seek probe of private military contracting

MOSCOW (AP) – An activist says a group of Russian military veterans has asked the International Criminal Court to probe the activities of Russian private security companies. Yevgeny Shabayev, an activist with the All-Russia Officers Assembly, [...]

Maria Butina, alleged Russian agent, asks DOJ to dismiss charges

Attorneys for alleged Russian agent Maria Butina have asked a U.S. federal court to dismiss the government’s case against her, calling the Justice Department’s charges “overbroad and unconstitutional.” Lawyers for Ms. Butina, 30, argued [...]

Russia Dispatch: In Russian Village Swallowed by Sand, Life’s a Beach. Just Not in a Good Way.

SHOYNA, Russia — Shoyna, a Russian fishing village on the frigid shores of the White Sea, is slowly vanishing under sand that engulfs entire houses, their roofs just barely visible above the dunes. For young children, it’s a magical [...]

Two Capitals, One Russian Oligarch: How Oleg Deripaska Is Trying to Escape U.S. Sanctions

Unlike Mr. Deripaska, Lord Barker had a largely spotless reputation. His only minor brushes with scandal came in 2006, when he left his wife to live with a male interior decorator, and in 2012, while serving as energy minister, when he [...]

On a Tiny Finnish Island, a Helipad, 9 Piers — and the Russian Military?

SAKKILUOTO, Finland — Retired to a tiny island in an archipelago between Finland and Sweden, Leo Gastgivar awoke early one morning to visit the outhouse in his bathrobe, only to notice two black speedboats packed with Finnish commandos [...]

John Bolton’s tribute to slain Russian opposition activist ransacked by vandals: Report

A wreath laid by President Trump’s national security adviser at a memorial in Moscow for slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was reportedly destroyed after the site was stormed by several suspected pro-Kremlin activists. Several [...]

Bomb Explodes at Russian Security Agency, Wounding 3 Workers

MOSCOW — An explosive device detonated inside an office of Russia’s main security agency on Wednesday, wounding three workers and killing the person who carried it, the Russian authorities said. The explosion at the local headquarters [...]

Bolton Rejects Russian Entreaties to Stay in Nuclear Treaty

MOSCOW — Despite warnings that withdrawal could lead to a new nuclear arms race, the United States national security adviser rejected Russian entreaties on Tuesday to remain committed to a disarmament treaty. The adviser, John R. Bolton, [...]