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Trump fuels outsize expectations that Russia investigators will face prison time

President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> To hear President Donald Trump and his allies tell it, the federal investigators who [...]

Fredo, China & Russia protests, Trump’s polls, and Amazon

Home Elections Fredo, China & Russia protests, Trump’s polls, and Amazon In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we discuss Trump’s bigoted attack on CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, the popular uprisings in Hong Kong and Moscow, the latest polls [...]

Russia Confirms Radioactive Materials Were Involved in Deadly Blast

MOSCOW — A mystery explosion at a Russian weapons testing range involved radioactive materials, the authorities admitted on Saturday, as the blast’s admitted death toll rose and signs of a creeping radiation emergency, or at the [...]

Trump’s intel pick collaborated with a fierce Russia foe

It remains to be seen whether John Ratcliffe would be as candid with President Donald Trump about Russia’s threat to U.S. democracy as his predecessor. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images White House GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe, the president’s [...]

Mueller to take center stage at Russia probe hearings

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller finally faces congressional interrogators on Wednesday, testifying in televised hearings that Democrats hope will weaken President Donald Trump’s reelection prospects [...]

South Korea fires warning shots at Russia military planes

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea says it has fired warning shots after Russian military planes entered South Korea’s airspace. South Korea’s Defense Ministry says multiple Russian military planes violated the South Korean airspace off [...]

NATO Considers Missile Defense Upgrade, Risking Further Tensions With Russia

BRUSSELS — NATO military officials are exploring whether to upgrade their defenses to make them capable of shooting down newly deployed Russian intermediate-range nuclear missiles after a landmark arms treaty dissolves next month, [...]

Paul Whelan, Held in Russia for Spying, Pleads for Help from Trump

In the latest such case, a Russian software developer, Oleg Tishchenko, pleaded guilty on Wednesday in Salt Lake City to smuggling F-16 fighter-jet manuals to Moscow. He denied being a spy and said he merely wanted to develop a realistic [...]

Venezuela’s Collapse Frays Its Economic Ties With Russia

MOSCOW — In his toughest moments, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has turned to Russia for support. When the United States sanctioned the Venezuelan energy industry in January, Russia’s oil firm Rosneft helped to divert its [...]

Reporter’s Arrest Sets Off Widespread Protests in Russia

MOSCOW — The arrest of a respected investigative journalist on dubious drug charges has hit a nerve in Russia, sparking growing protests on Monday and statements from a wide circle of celebrities criticizing abuse by the security [...]