02222019What's Hot:

Bulgaria Reopens Poisoning Case, Citing Possible Link to Russia and Skripal Attack

The Bulgarian authorities have reopened a criminal investigation into the poisoning of a prominent arms dealer over questions about a possible connection with the nerve agent attack on Sergei V. Skripal, the former Russian spy poisoned [...]

Matthew Whitaker to Congress: I haven’t meddled with Mueller’s Russia investigation ‘in any way’

Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker shot down a number of the more wild speculations that have plagued him since his tenure at the Justice Department began more than three months ago. Accused of being a plant by President Trump to squelch [...]

Russia Dispatch: A Sparkling Shrine to a Reviled Russian Leader

YEKATERINBURG, Russia — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has reviled those years as a period of chaos, crime and “total poverty” that “nobody wants to ever see return.” Kremlin-controlled news media outlets regularly [...]

Russia Pulls Out of Nuclear Treaty in ‘Symmetrical’ Response to U.S. Move

MOSCOW — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, in a decision that was widely expected, suspended his country’s observance of a key nuclear arms control pact on Saturday in response to a similar move by the United States a day before. But [...]

U.S. Suspends Nuclear Arms Control Treaty With Russia

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration said on Friday it was suspending one of the last major nuclear arms control treaties with Russia, following five years of heated conversations between the two powers that failed to resolve a long-running [...]

Venezuela Military Backs Maduro, as Russia Warns U.S. Not to Intervene

CARACAS, Venezuela — The leader of Venezuela’s armed forces declared loyalty to President Nicolás Maduro on Thursday and said the opposition’s effort to replace him with a transitional government amounted to an attempted coup. The [...]

Paul Whelan Russia arrest designed to divide Americans, ex-CIA official says

Russia’s arrest of ex-Marine Paul Whelan on espionage charges is part of a larger Kremlin scheme to exacerbate partisan divisions in Washington, according to a former top CIA official in Moscow who says President Vladimir Putin likely hand-picked [...]

Russia Says He’s a Spy. His Lawyer Says He Just Wanted Photos of a Cathedral.

MOSCOW — A former United States Marine who was arrested in Moscow on spying charges had been handed a flash drive that he thought contained pictures of churches but was instead loaded with classified information, his lawyer said on [...]

Russia dismisses reports of prisoner swap with US

MOSCOW (AP) – Russia’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed suggestions that an American arrested in Moscow on suspicion of spying could be used in a prisoner swap for a Russian held in the United States. Paul Whelan, a former U.S. Marine, [...]

Michael Cohen Prague story linking Donald Trump, Russia resurfaces

Hillary Clinton’s election-year opposition research team pushed the infamous Prague-Russia-Trump story before and after it first emerged in the 2016 dossier by Christopher Steele. Two years later, the Prague tale has risen again, this time [...]