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Gay Couples Rush to Wed Before Brazil’s New President Takes Office

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Just hours after Jair Bolsonaro won Brazil’s presidential election in a landslide victory for conservatives, Carolina Zannata and her girlfriend called the closest public notary and set a date for their wedding. Gay [...]

Inside the Beltway: Dream team: Rush Limbaugh and Fox News

It is must-see TV for conservatives and Republicans, of course. But Democrats might want to peek at some special programming Thursday evening on Fox News Channel when talk radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh meets cable news kingpin Sean Hannity. The [...]
Kabul Bombings Kill or Wound Dozens at Rush Hour
KABUL, Afghanistan — Coordinated bombings in Kabul during morning rush hour on Monday killed or wounded dozens of people, including emergency workers and journalists who had reached the site of the first explosion, officials said. Wahid [...]
Nation’s Idiots Rush To Explain Why Florida School Massacre Isn’t About Guns
Probably it was the gays. Or abortion. Or gaybortion wedding cakes. Probably those. In a show of national unity following the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the only place Republican elected officials were willing [...]
Rush Limbaugh: Maybe the liberal “deep state” fabricated Iraq War WMD evidence to embarrass Bush
Limbaugh added, “What if Saddam weapons of mass destruction was also a false narrative designed to — what, did it ultimately embarrass Bush? Did it weaken the US military? Did it — whatever it did, I mean, it opened the doors for [...]
Republicans drop Obamacare fix in rush to avert shutdown
Republican leaders Wednesday defused the simmering Obamacare crisis that threatened to keep both chambers in session through Christmas, though year-end policy items remain in flux. Key Senate Republicans agreed to drop demands for a contentious [...]
Rush Limbaugh Explains Roy Moore Only Wanted To Fuck Kids Because He Was A Democrat
knows things Here is a video of Rush Limbaugh JUST SAYING that back when Roy Moore was sexually assaulting kids (LOL “allegedly” or whatever), he was an actual DEMOCRAT. Did you know that? Did you know when he was “supposedly attracted [...]
Senate Republicans in no rush to shield Mueller from Trump
Senate Republicans are in no rush to step in to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from Donald Trump, despite the unpredictable president’s growing fury at an investigation that is tying his campaign ever closer to the Kremlin. Though [...]
Dems rush back to Obamacare battle
Democrats hustled Monday to beat back the GOP’s latest Obama-care repeal push, leaning on moderate Republicans and mobilizing advocacy groups off the Hill to sound the alarm. The flurry of pressure tactics from Democrats comes as a new [...]
Assessing the Toronto MoneyShow and the New Gold Rush
I just returned from speaking at the Toronto MoneyShow and was very impressed with how the private and public sectors work together to make the largest city in Canada a real showcase of success — especially the downtown area. There not only [...]