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Robert Mueller nears climax in special counsel probe, despite turmoil

With the midterm elections in the rearview mirror and new confusion swirling around who will overseeing his work, special counsel Robert Mueller is widely expected to soon break his silence on the findings of his probe into Russia-election [...]

Paul Manafort has not told Robert Mueller anything incriminating about Donald Trump: Report

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has not told prosecutors with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team anything damaging about President Trump, Reuters reported Tuesday. Rudy Giuliani, who represents Mr. Trump in the Russia investigation, [...]

Don McGahn leaving Donald Trump White House after reports of Robert Mueller cooperation

White House counsel Don McGahn, who played a key role in President Trump’s transformation of the federal judiciary and worked to stave off the growing threat of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, will leave the White House in [...]

Lanny Davis says Michael Cohen ‘more than happy’ to tell Robert Mueller ‘all he knows’

The lawyer for Michael Cohen says his client has information that likely will be of interest to special counsel Robert Mueller. Lanny Davis, in an interview Tuesday evening on MSNBC, said his client will be “more than happy to tell the special [...]

As Zimbabwe Prepares to Vote, Robert Mugabe Resurfaces With a Message

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The 94-year-old former president said he would not back his party’s candidate, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who ousted him with the army’s help in November. Source: NYT > World
Trump Lawyers Pretty Sure Robert Mueller Interviews Are VERY ILLEGAL. Sure, Why Not!
This thing is great for twitter reception What is that lunatic banging on about now? Can we get someone to babysit him on the weekends since Melon has noped out and he clearly can’t be left alone in a dirty diaper for hours on end? There [...]
Alex Jones Has Thoughts On Robert Mueller’s Deep State Sex Orgy, By A Doctor Of Rhetoric
Alex Jones is trying to be real calm here. No, not trying to make any sense. Oh dear lord, Alex Jones has unleashed a new metaphor! We aren’t quite sure what it’s a metaphor FOR, but damn, it’s…something! Here you go, courtesy of (if [...]
Happy First Birthday, Robert Mueller Investigation! Celebrate By Putting Some More Fuckers IN JAIL!
Gonna fuck you up! Thursday will be the first birthday of the Robert Mueller investigation into how Russia stole American democracy and gave it to this lumpy orange thing! And oh what a year it has been! What’s that meme that’s going around? [...]
Robert Mueller Will Not Hestitate To Shove This Subpoena Directly Up Trump’s Ass
Gonna fuck you up! BIG UPDATE on those 49 questions special counsel Robert Mueller has for Donald Trump, the ones SOMEBODY near the Trump “legal” team leaked to the New York Times, and it is from the Washington Post. Apparently, back [...]
Sorry, Trump! Even If You Fire Robert Mueller, He Is Still BOSS OF YOUR ASS
Gonna fuck you up! Wonkette would like to issue the opposite of a mea culpa, which is known as a WE WAS RIGHT-A! Remember this post? Robert Mueller To Paul Manafort: Knock Knock, Motherfucker! That was our post the day we learned that Robert [...]