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In Golan Heights, Trump Bolsters Netanyahu but Risks Roiling Middle East

President Trump declared on Thursday that the United States should recognize Israel’s authority over the long disputed Golan Heights, delivering a valuable election-eve gift to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but jettisoning decades [...]

News Analysis: Trump-Kim Summit’s Collapse Exposes the Risks of One-to-One Diplomacy

HANOI, Vietnam — Over the past quarter-century, three American presidents have tried cajoling, threatening and sabotaging North Korea in its efforts to build a nuclear arsenal. Eventually each turned to negotiations, convinced that [...]

Don McGahn Leaves Trump With Big Wins — And Big Risks

*/ ]]> In recent months, President Donald Trump rarely spoke with Don McGahn. It’s not clear he even likes his top White House lawyer and campaign consigliere, who left his West Wing job Wednesday after 20 months fraught with plenty of [...]

Kavanaugh’s nomination poses risks for Democrats and GOP

NEW YORK (AP) – With the fate of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee suddenly uncertain, emboldened Democrats clashed with cautious Republicans on Monday as both parties grappled with an increasingly messy nomination fight [...]

Tougher Talk on Tariffs Risks Fueling Market Volatility

Investors are doing their best to focus on record second-quarter earnings while letting the war on trade play itself out in the financial media. It is tough when Microsoft reports five-star results and has almost no impact on the well-being [...]

Risks pile up for Trump as Manafort heads to trial

The first trial prosecuted by special counsel Robert Mueller will offer the clearest public view yet of what his investigators have on President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, with a catalogue of evidence and testimony [...]
Bullish Week for Stocks Faces Unresolved Market Risks
It has been a good week for stocks and an even better week for investors to harvest profits following a six-day rally that saw the market hold a key technical level, invite fresh buying and spark the shorts to cover. All in all, the bullish [...]
Corker-Blackburn drama risks must-win Senate seat for GOP
Republicans are increasingly unnerved by the rift between retiring Sen. Bob Corker and Marsha Blackburn, the GOP congresswoman vying to replace him, saying it could cost them a must-win seat in Tennessee. The duo’s chilly relationship [...]
Trump lashes out as legal risks pile up
For much of his week at Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump seemed almost reserved by the standards of his Twitter feed, save for sustained attacks on former FBI Director James Comey. But by Friday night, the president had had enough. Story [...]
Fight Over Values Risks a ‘European Civil War,’ Macron Says
“We need a sovereignty stronger than our own,” he said. The French president also sought to remind those like himself, just 40 years old, who had no memories of World War II and few of the Cold War, that the European Union was intended [...]