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As Rich Lavish Cash on Notre-Dame, Many Ask: What About the Needy?

PARIS — The pledges came in quick succession. François-Henri Pinault, France’s second-richest man, put up an eye-popping 100 million euros to rebuild Notre-Dame, just as firefighters were dousing the last flames at the cathedral [...]

Supply-Side Tax Cut Fever: Why The Rich Are Leaving New York And California

Economy & Budget Supply-side economics works! The 2018 massive corporate tax cut of 21% has generated lots of new jobs, higher wages and new businesses. It has been one reason the stock market is close to an all-time high, continuing the [...]

Soak the rich? Americans say go for it

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said polling numbers suggesting fairly wide public support for plans like hers to tax the rich did not come as any shock. | Scott Eisen/Getty Images Economy Surveys are showing overwhelming support for raising taxes [...]

Why the Rich Get Richer—and How You Can Too

A few years ago, building wealth in America was all about getting a good education, a good job and diligently saving money through your 401(k) and investing in real estate. That formula worked through the 1990s and through most of the 2000s. Then [...]

Democrats want state, local tax break for rich

They criticized President Trump’s tax cut bill as a giveaway to the rich, but now congressional Democrats are eyeing their own $ 620 billion tax break that would go heavily to wealthier Americans. As they prepare to take control of the House, [...]

As Rich Nations Close the Door on Refugees, Uganda Welcomes Them

ARUA, Uganda — President Trump is vowing to send the military to stop migrants trudging from Central America. Europe’s leaders are paying African nations to block migrants from crossing the Mediterranean — and detaining the ones [...]

Singapore Says ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Author Skipped Military Service

HONG KONG — The author of “Crazy Rich Asians,” the best-selling novel on which the new hit film is based, never fulfilled his national service obligations in Singapore and could face a fine or potential prison term, the country’s [...]

The ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Debate: The Poor Dad is Winning!

“The poor and middle-class work for money. The rich have money work for them.” — Robert Kiyosaki, author, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Which is the better road to financial success: working for others or working for yourself? FreedomFest [...]
How a Pre-Socratic Philosopher Got Rich Buying Options
When you think of the world’s greatest investors, you probably don’t think all the way back 2,500 years ago to Ancient Greece. But you should — and the name that you should think about is Thales of Miletus. Thales was a brilliant man, [...]
‘They Eat Money’: How Mandela’s Political Heirs Grow Rich Off Corruption
“We were happy,” Mr. Ncongwane said, adding, in hindsight, “although we were happy for a crook.” In 2012, Mr. Zwane and agricultural department officials arrived in Vrede to promote the dairy farm project. Flanked by the council [...]