12122018What's Hot:
French Workers Resist Labor Code Overhaul
Economical Solutions to Expensive Propositions A protester wears a garbage can during a demonstration against French labour law reform in Nantes, France, May 17, 2016 Source : https://www.telesurtv.net/english/multimedia/Up-All-Night-French-Workers-Resist-Labor-Code-Overhaul-20160517-0017.html . Source: [...]
Beirut Journal: Lebanon’s Palestinian Refugees Resist from the Sidelines
The cafe owner, Abed al-Hussein, nicknamed Mr. Eid, was in fact brewing coffee after coffee for a group of older men who sat in front of a television, disgruntled by the day’s news. “I wish we never had to hear about America,” said [...]
Resist or Obey Madrid’s Rule? Catalonia Civil Servants Must Decide
On the other, “we have part of the country that really believes that ‘we are free, we have an independent republic’, and for this part of the country, President Puigdemont and his government are the legitimate government of Catalonia,” [...]
Comics resist: Secessionist Californians battle Trumpism in “Calexit”
In “Calexit,” the entire blue-leaning state of California has shut itself off from the rest of the United States after a dictatorial, autocratic president orders all immigrants deported. The topicality, the relevance is right there waiting [...]
It’s time to Resist Everywhere
I want to let you know about a new Resistance group I am partnering with and advising: Resist Everywhere PAC. Resist Everywhere is bringing together creative and hard-hitting online and on-the-ground activists from around the country. Our [...]

Resist, insist, persist, enlist: Women becoming more politically engaged since Trump’s win

This piece originally appeared on BillMoyers.com. In one of her first public appearances since she lost the presidential election, Hillary Clinton took to the stage at a San Francisco conference for businesswomen on Tuesday, encouraging women [...]

Mexico vows to resist Donald Trump’s immigration plans

Mexico’s government vowed Wednesday to resist President Trump’s efforts to force better cooperation in stopping illegal immigration, saying they won’t let the U.S. tell them what to do. One of Mr. Trump’s plans, which would make illegal [...]

“Un-american,” the t-shirt to resist Trump in style

As part of our ongoing “Resist Trump” effort, I’ve created a new anti-Trump t-shirt that I call “un-American.” 100% of the proceeds go to financing our work to fight the Trump agenda. The shirt incorporates ~250 words describing [...]

Greenpeace Daredevils Hang Big Beautiful ‘RESIST’ Banner From Crane Near White House

Would you risk your life to inspire resistance against Donald Trump? The Greenpeace protesters who just scaled a giant crane located near the White House to hang a giant “RESIST” banner sure would. Good golly, look at those crazy motherfudgers [...]

Regressiveness, tyranny or both? There’s more than one way to resist Donald Trump

This originally appeared on Robert Reich’s blog. It’s important to distinguish two lines of resistance to President-elect Donald Trump. 1. Resistance to Trump’s regressiveness: repealing Obamacare, turning Medicare into vouchers [...]