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Emergency relief bill passes without Trump border wall funds

The House voted Monday to approve $ 19 billion in emergency relief for disaster recovery in states and Puerto Rico — though leaving out the $ 4.5 billion in money President Trump has demanded to help stem the border crisis. The disaster [...]

Elizabeth Warren in Iowa addresses holdup on disaster relief package

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday criticized the holdup of a disaster relief package while on the presidential campaign trail in Iowa. “We passed a relief (bill), and one man held up the entire process, because he didn’t like the politics,” [...]

House passes revamped disaster relief package despite Trump eruptions

The remains of a home that was heavily damaged by Hurricane Michael sits near the beach on May 9 in Mexico Beach, Florida. | Scott Olson/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> House Democrats pushed through another [...]

‘The Worst Is Over’: A Sigh of Relief in India, Mostly Spared by Cyclone

BHUBANESWAR, India — Cyclone Fani dumped enormous amounts of rain on eastern India, washing out countless homes and farms and leaving some coastal areas in ruins, the authorities said on Saturday. But as of late morning, the human [...]
In Moscow, a Sense of Relief After a Limited Syria Attack
Mr. Assad has become something of a “human shield” limiting Russia’s options, noted Vladimir Frolov, an independent foreign affairs analyst and columnist for Republic.ru, “but it was a choice that Moscow made.” President Putin [...]
‘Strong sense of relief’: State Department staffers react to Tillerson’s ouster
Many staffers hope that Mike Pompeo’s close relationship with the president will mean more influence with Trump. By NAHAL TOOSI 03/13/2018 11:15 AM EDT [...]
Trump Letting Employers Grab Women’s … Money. Whew, Just Their Money! What A Relief!
You don’t have to tip for fast food. It’s the best! As we noted back in December, the Labor Department is pushing a beautiful new rule that will allow restaurant owners to take servers’ tips, ostensibly to “pool” them and share tips [...]
Will Tax Relief Send Stocks Higher in 2018?
Tax cut fever already has propelled the stock market higher as we finish up 2017. Now that the tax bill will become law on January 1, 2018, will Wall Street enjoy another banner year? Or will the maxim, “buy the rumor, sell the news,” [...]
Inside White House, a sense of both danger and relief in Mueller’s first moves
Special counsel Robert Mueller’s first charges in his sprawling Russia investigation were a one-two blow that partially caught the White House off guard but also offered a measure of relief, according to several of President Donald Trump’s [...]
Texas Prisoners Donated To Hurricane Harvey Relief With Strength Of 50 Trumps
Rough characters, still nicer than Donald Trump. In a week when Donald Trump is bragging about what a great job he’s done of not helping Puerto Rico and offering the island a loan instead of actual relief, and now telling Puerto Rico we can’t [...]