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Recipe for Ruckus in India: A Queen’s Honor, a New Film and Politics

Even though few people have actually seen the entire film, rumors of offensive material have circulated on social media, leading to all sorts of objections — and the violence during production. Some Hindus were convinced there were [...]

Recipe for a happy nation

Two pieces of news, one from Denmark, the other (the one that I am going to focus on) from Norway: Denmark's government now has no foreign currency debt — for the first time in 183 years Norway is the world's happiest country [...]

Recipe for a new Camelot: Donald Trump needs to ask what he can do for the country first

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Obviously President-elect Donald Trump isn’t the shy type, and whatever his presidency becomes, it will be rendered in bold strokes. Bill Gates, Microsoft cofounder and the richest person in the world, said in an interview with CNBC last [...]