02222019What's Hot:
Iraq Wants $88 Billion for Rebuilding. Allies Offer a Fraction of That.
Numerous Iraqi cities were reduced to rubble in the fighting, particularly Mosul, the country’s second largest. Yet while Iraq estimated that it would need $ 88 billion to pay for reconstruction, it was expected to receive only $ [...]
Rishikesh Journal: Rebuilding on the Beatles, an Ashram in India Hopes for Revival
The ashram remained operational for many decades after the band left, housing dozens of straight-backed sadhus, or holy men, in small domed huts. But in the early 2000s, the land was taken over by the Indian government, leading to its [...]
In the Caribbean, Rebuilding Nations — and the Tourism Industry
The areas of greatest concern, industry officials said, included Anguilla, the British and United States Virgin Islands, and St. Martin, all of which have robust tourism economies and suffered extensive damage. It will be a long road [...]

Donald Trump pledges ‘great rebuilding’ of military on visit to USS Gerald R. Ford

Brushing aside another political furor in his administration, President Trump visited the Navy’s new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Thursday and told sailors there will be more ships coming in his “great rebuilding” of the military. “We [...]

Gaza Is Outwardly Rebuilding, but Inwardly Fearful

But they are not buying much. Unemployment is high, especially among the many young people graduating from college. In all, 50,000 people remain displaced. Electricity and water supplies are still near crisis levels. Hamas, which governs [...]
Trump vows massive infrastructure spending: ‘Off of welfare and back to work rebuilding our country’
Moments after he was sworn in as the nation’s 45th commander in chief, President Donald Trump said he’ll get Americans “off of welfare and back to work rebuilding our country,” vowing to make massive investments in new roads, bridges, [...]