12162018What's Hot:

Ayanna Pressley, Democrat-elect, says party at a crossroads: ‘Are we really who we say we are?’

Democratic Rep.-elect Ayanna Pressley gave some tough love to her party during a speech to its biggest donors Tuesday, according to audio reviewed by BuzzFeed News. Ms. Pressley, who defeated 10-term incumbent Democratic Rep. Michael Capuano [...]

Can House Democrats really protect Obamacare?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made protecting Obamacare a key part of her party’s midterm agenda, but Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal (left) and other top Democratic lawmakers have only gave vague promises so far on how to make [...]

How Red and Green Slime (Really) Could Swing Florida’s Senate Race

*/ ]]> John Moran is a Florida nature photographer, but lately he sees himself as a Florida crime photographer. The crime, he likes to say, is the slime. Moran has chronicled the blooms of toxic algae that have shrouded the peninsula in [...]

‘We’ll see whether you can really buy a governor’s race’

*/ ]]> Millionaire megadonor Foster Friess has spent more money, racked up more national endorsements and blanketed the airwaves more aggressively than any other Republican in Tuesday’s Wyoming governor’s primary. It might not be [...]
We’re Sure Trump DOJ Had Really Good Reason For Spying On New York Times Reporter, YOU BETCHA!
The leaker-in-chief, in the flesh. How is everyone doing? Did you do Robyn’s extensive self-care skincare regimen, and now you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to take on the day? Good, because everything is falling the fuck apart. James [...]
What Trump is really saying in his letter to Kim Jong Un
President Donald Trump on Thursday canceled his planned summit with Kim Jong Un in a written letter. The cancellation of the meeting — scheduled for June 12 in Singapore — appears to be a major blow to Trump’s desire to land a legacy-making [...]
No, Really, This Is Normal. Did You Forget Bush-Cheney?
President Donald Trump may have reached a temporary truce with his chief of staff, John Kelly, but Rex Tillerson and, maybe, H.R. McMaster are out. Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel are in and so, perhaps, is John Bolton. Could there be a clearer [...]
Hey, About Those Armed Teachers: They Really Need To Stop Shooting Students.
Do ya feel lucky, punk? Document your answer using MLA citation format. In what could be seen as a karmic preview of today’s school walkouts to protest gun violence, a couple of Good Guys With Guns accidentally fired their guns in schools [...]
Is ‘Princess Black Sites’ Really The Best Person Trump Could Pick To Run The CIA?
You know someone’s a top spook when the New York Times has to use a screengrab from YouTube… When Donald Trump shitcanned Rex Tillerson this morning, Trump picked CIA Director Mike Pompeo to be his new secretary of State. To replace Pompeo [...]
This Is Just A Really Good Campaign Ad To Watch On International Women’s Day
Kelda Roys, running for Wisconsin governor! Oh hey, it is International Women’s Day! Did you think a WOMAN-OWNED BUSINESS SOLELY SUPPORTED BY YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS would forget that? So it’s a nice day to show you this badass campaign video [...]