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Netanyahu Vows to Start Annexing West Bank, in Bid to Rally the Right

JERUSALEM — Struggling to rally right-wing voters before Tuesday’s elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday that he would start to extend Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank if given a fourth consecutive term. Such [...]

O’Rourke rails against ‘unprecedented concentration of wealth and power’ at kickoff rally

Beto O’Rourke speaks at his presidential campaign kickoff rally in downtown El Paso, Texas, on March 30. | Tamir Kalifa for POLITICO Magazine 2020 elections In his first formal stump speech, the former Texas congressman channels Bernie [...]

Supporters rally for Connecticut woman facing deportation

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Supporters of a Connecticut woman are calling on federal authorities to not deport her back to England because of a years-old criminal conviction, despite her being pardoned by state officials. Advocates rallied [...]

Iranian-Americans rally near White House for regime change in Tehran

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Hundreds of Iranian-Americans gathered just blocks from the White House Friday to rally for a regime change in Tehran. With Iranian flags and banners promoting democracy in Iran in hand, the demonstrators [...]

‘I know where I came from’: Sanders outlines life story at campaign kickoff rally

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks during a rally to kick off his 2020 U.S. presidential campaign in Brooklyn, the New York City borough where Sanders grew up in a rent-controlled apartment. “I know where I came from,” he said. “And [...]

Market Rally Moves Upward and Onward Amid Global Political Events

The market rally moves upward and onward, despite global politics becoming a double-edged sword about to cut three or four different ways, depending on whose moral code can crumble the quickest. Heading into the new week when the stock market [...]

Thousands Rally Against Anti-Semitism in France After Vandalism of Jewish Cemetery

Two days later, a centuries-old Jewish cemetery in the small village of Quatzenheim, in northeastern France, was vandalized in the night. Some 96 tombs were spray-painted with blue swastikas. It was not the first such incident in Alsace, [...]

Trump tries to turn border debate his way with El Paso rally

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump is trying to turn the debate over a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border back to his political advantage as his signature pledge to American voters threatens to become a model of unfulfilled promises. Trump [...]

Zimbabwe’s president skips 1st rally since deadly unrest

MT. DARWIN, Zimbabwe (AP) – A spokesman says Zimbabwe’s president has skipped his first political rally since last month’s deadly military crackdown on protests so he could explain the unrest to fellow African leaders. President Emmerson [...]

William Barr knocks Trump’s ‘Lock her up’ rally chants

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General nominee William Barr is making clear he doesn’t favor politically motivated prosecutions, rejecting one of President Donald Trump’s favorite rallying cries. Barr says he doesn’t “subscribe to this [...]